Pair Up Bot

Pair up your people and encourage connection!

With more distributed work than ever before, isolation and burnout are scarily common, but maintaining important team relationships can be a challenge. Sometimes, all you need is a gentle nudge to connect. Meet Enablo’s Pair Up Bot which connects two people for a catch-up and sends the pairing through Workplace Chat! The Pair Up Bot is a great addition to your culture kit (and it’s free!).

  • Combat isolation and burnout by encouraging team members to connect regularly
  • Break down silos and foster cross team collaboration, by creating and deepening relationships across your organization
  • Help new starters onboard by connecting them across your organization quickly
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How it works

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For employees

  • Be part of the group connected to Pair Up (as determined by your Workplace Admin)
  • Automatically receive a regular message with a new pair up buddy
  • Reach out to your pair up buddy via Workplace chat to set up time for a catch up
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For admins

Once installed, use the admin panel in Enablo Platform to:

  • Select a group of users to pair up – this could be an existing group like Mentors@, an office location that’s working remote, or even one that pairs up your entire company!
  • Select the day and time that users will be paired up in our easy-to-use admin panel
  • Customize the conversation to achieve your community goals.

“During lockdowns in South Australia we used Enablo’s Pair up bot to encourage leaders from our Support Office to check on our South Australian team.”

Our South Australian team had the opportunity to ask for the support they needed and it also gave our leaders valuable insight into how people were feeling on the ground. Not to mention the ongoing connections that have been built as a result.”

Natalia Trapl – General Manager People and Transformation, Freedom

Enablo's Free Workplace Automations

We have built solutions for organisations around the world that drive employee experience and engagement through Workplace from Meta. To help even more organizations solve the most common challenges, we’ve now made a number of these free! Check them out!


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Employees spending their life in complicated spreadsheets of data, looking up product codes or pricing details? Lookup Bot, A.K.A. ‘ask-me-anything bot’ is here to save the day - giving your people a self-service assistant to help them quickly find what they’re looking for.  

Profile Frames

Whether it’s to promote your latest company milestone, show support for a great cause, or provide a way to add some on-brand flair, our Profile Frames bot is here to help your people spruce up their Workplace profile pic! Use Enablo’s pre-created templates, or easily add your own!  


Don’t let your timely information get lost in an inbox. Use Enablo’s Campaigns Bot to deliver engaging messages straight to your people through Workplace Chat. Whether you’re welcoming new starters, promoting a wellness initiative, or coaching the entire team through change, the Campaigns bot is an easy and effective way to speak to your organization.

Quick Ticket

Simplify how your organization shares knowledge and requests support with Enablo's Quick Ticket Bot. Whether for IT Help or HR Support, the Quick Ticket Bot provides effortless self-service connecting your employees to verified FAQ’s and submits support tickets directly to your support desk via Workplace Chat. 

Pair Up

With more distributed work than ever before, maintaining important team relationships can be a challenge. Sometimes, all you need is a gentle nudge to connect. Meet Enablo’s Pair Up Bot which connects two people for a catch-up and sends the pairing through Workplace Chat. Tie it to an existing Workplace Group, an office location that’s working remote, or even your entire company.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are bots and automations?

Bots are digital assistants that help you become more productive at work. Workplace from Meta bots extend the functionalities of Workplace by enabling the automation of the actions or internal processes you already do on the platform. 

The most common type of bots are conversational, a virtual assistant that you can have a simple chat with to get stuff done. 

Think about how different your organisation could be if IT support, HR, expenses, knowledge sharing and employee recognition were all just a click or tap away, accessible by anyone, everywhere.

Why do we offer some of these for free?

We believe that bots enrich the Workplace experience and drive adoption of Workplace. Offering bots for free gives you insight into the problems your organisation can solve with bots, which ignites ideas for other bots! 

Who can install the free bots into Workplace?

While anyone can sign up to Enablo Platform, only Workplace Administrators can install bots. Reach out to your Workplace Administrator and ask them to install the bots on your behalf. Use the invite admin link in Enablo Platform to invite them to your business in Enablo Platform.

How do I get support?

Because Enablo Platform is delivered via Workplace from Meta there are multiple places to find support depending on what kind of issues you are experiencing.

For support relating to Enablo Platform (eg. or any of the bots you have installed please contact us at [email protected]. For support relating to Workplace from Meta and Work Chat please open a ticket with Workplace Support.

If in doubt we are always here to help so shoot us an email at [email protected]!

How do we approach security?

We’ve got a whole page dedicated to security. If you require any additional information please reach out to us.

Want something custom? Let’s chat!

Our free and premium Workplace automations accommodate some of the most common use cases that we come across, but there is infinite potential for employees and businesses when it comes to bots and automation. We love these challenges! If you have an idea or a problem you think could be solved through bots, reach out and let’s see what we can come up with together!