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The digital employee intelligence platform that optimises workforce performance and protects your people and business.

What is Worklabs?

Worklabs is a digital employee intelligence platform that helps optimise workforce performance and ensures safe, ethical collaboration to protect your people and business. By harnessing real-time behaviour and sentiment data, it empowers leaders to make fast, evidence-based decisions that improve employee communication, engagement, safety and compliance.

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Optimise and protect your workforce

Worklabs empowers leaders to optimise and protect their workforce with two key products: Worklabs Insights and Worklabs Vault. Directly integrating with Workplace from Meta, Insights and Vault provides Executives, HR, Communications, Legal, and IT professionals with the tools they need to generate deeper insights and make data-driven decisions around the employee experience. 

Drive key business outcomes with real-time, actionable insights from your digital workplace

Popular features

  • Real time insights
  • Behavioural and Sentiment analysis
  • Flexible segmentation
  • Topic insights
Protect your employees and promote safe, ethical, digital collaboration

Popular features

  • Data retention
  • Compliance insights
  • Search and e-discover
  • Case management

Key Benefits

Increase ROI

Maximise the return on your digital employee experience investment using real-time data that helps maximise productivity and drive key business outcomes

Understand your people

Understand workforce performance across all segments of your business, from HQ all the way down to frontline

Retain talent

Create data-driven strategies that enhance efficiency, boost employee engagement and help drive employee retention

Actionable Insights

Empower leaders to deliver continuous improvements to the workplace, driven by actionable insights, tailored to key business objectives

Reduce risk

Reduce workforce risk by ensuring safe, ethical collaboration and communication across your digital workforce

Stay compliant

Mitigate the sharing of sensitive information to ensure your organisation stay compliant

How it Works

A diverse platform that enhances both community management and community moderation in your organisation.

Measure what matters to you

Measure what matters to you

Track goals, objectives, and campaigns to measure communication, wellbeing and leadership, and adapt strategies to meet evolving needs.

Take decisive action

Use real-time insights and dynamic reporting to help you make evidence-based decisions on workplace challenges and opportunities.

Take decisive action
Know what's happening

Know what’s happening,
when it’s happening

Leverage sentiment and behavioural analysis to understand what your workplace community is feeling when they feel it.

Protect your team, culture and data

Foster a safe digital workplace with compliance alerts, data retention and advanced search, while ensuring your collaboration data is secure.

Protect your team

Start your Worklabs journey?

Not only does Worklabs tell you how your team’s feeling, when they’re feeling it, it gives leaders evidence-based ideas for what to do next. It’s the missing piece of the culture puzzle.

– Internal Communications Leader, Telecommunications

Security and privacy is at the heart of Worklabs

Trusting us with your data is a big deal and something we take very seriously


Regularly pen-tested to ensure the optimal performance of our security systems

ISO 27001 certified

Compliant with globally recognised information security standards

Securely encrypted

Your information is safeguarded by the highest standards of encryption

GDPR Compliant

The highest levels of privacy and security for your personal data

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