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80% of frontline organizations are deskless. By giving them the tools they need to connect and collaborate like groups, Workplace Chat, Knowledge Library and Live Video – you can increase overall employee retention, productivity, training and collaboration.

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Retain your restaurant employees by enhancing their experiences

Staff shortages were listed as the biggest concern for the QSR industry in 2022, with 70% of restaurants claiming they were missing mission-critical staff. How can your restaurants leverage the latest technology to improve your bottom line?

Workplace from Meta helps retain staff by providing a richer cultural exchange through recognition, diversity and inclusion, and social connection. Over three years, leading frontline organizations have seen a 10% increase in employee retention, a 5% reduction in recruitment costs, and a 207% increase in ROI.

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Connect your frontline and drive better productivity across your entire workforce

In a recent survey, 66% of C-Suite executives said increasing frontline staff productivity was one of their top 3 priorities. But if 80% of your workforce still doesn’t have a corporate email address, how do they become more efficient at their job?

Move your employees off insecure messaging apps and give them the tools they need to connect with your organization quickly and securely using their mobile devices. A tool like Workplace from Meta can increase the productivity of your frontline workers by one hour a week.

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Provide fast and efficient onboarding and training to your front-of-house staff

70% of frontline employees say they don’t receive enough hands-on training from managers, and 62% said lack of training was the main reason they recently left their job. How can you give your staff the onboarding and training they need to feel valued?

You can empower your QSR staff to learn and upskill on the run with a quick, easy, and secure mobile-first solution. Leading Quick Service Restaurants are using Workplace from Meta to reduce staff onboarding time by 24% and increase learning and development efficiency by 18%!

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Connect and collaborate with frontline employees and franchisees

52% of frontline workers said access to better tools and technology was a key reason they would leave their job. So why isn’t the hospitality industry giving them the tools to make them stay?

A number of leading frontline organizations are using Workplace from Meta to increase hybrid and remote worker collaboration issues. By giving them a platform that allows them to communicate and find information faster and more easily, 32% more ideas can be captured, driving better product and process innovation across frontline workers and franchisees.

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What is Workplace?

Workplace from Meta is a business communications platform that connects everyone in your company, no matter where they are. It’s familiar, intuitive, secure, and mobile-friendly, making it popular with Quick Service Restaurants, fast food chains, and hospitality organizations.

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Download the latest Forrester Report to find out how Workplace from Meta is impacting the bottom line of leading frontline organizations for the better.

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As your Workplace partner, consider us an extension of your team. Enablo provides an end-to-end solution that ensures you launch and embed your new platform with success.

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