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End-to-end Digital employee experience services that cover the full cultural and digital transformation journey.

Whether it’s cultural transformation, connecting a distributed workforce, frontline empowerment, leadership communication or innovation that’s standing in the way of your ultimate Digital employee experience, we’re here to help you with the solution.

Work culture and tools fit

2020 was the greatest experiment ever in remote work. As a result, we were able to bust a number of the myths about remote working like, “my employees just aren’t as productive at home” (turns out they’re more productive). Now we’re seeing businesses permanently adopt hybrid work models and remote work is predicted to rise 300% in 2021.  Do you have the technology and culture to support work-from-anywhere? We’re here to help. 

Define culture and how we work together

“But wait, which tool do I use when?” is a question we hear way too often. The answer to this question changes organization to organization because it all comes down to culture. So we’ve built a framework to define, agree and document your business’s work culture. The framework helps you map all the formal rules (like areas of responsibility), as well as the unwritten ground rules (like how you communicate internally), for how you work together, and which of your work tools to use when.

Build the case for change (rapidly)

Change fatigue. It’s real. Especially when it comes to rolling out new tech. We’ve got your back. Our Blueprint process helps you validate product-people fit, map the path to benefits realisation, and determine the total cost of ownership. All the things your CEO is going to want to know and that will set you up for success. We’ve seen our Blueprint work in hundreds of businesses. 

Work transformation and tools adoption

2020 fundamentally disrupted the modern workplace. But, despite the initial chaos and resulting acceleration of digital transformation initiatives, we’re still burdened by “work about work”. The benefit of getting distributed work right (and the cost of not getting it right) is high. Enablo is here to help you transform the way you work and embed new behaviours through your new and existing digital tools. 

Launch with a bang!

It’s rare to get a second chance at launching a core work tool. When it comes to Workplace from Meta, and Google Workspace, we know the must-have success criteria and watchpoints to avoid when rolling out new team processes and tools. We are here for you, to partner with you, and make your project team and the roll-out a smashing success. 


Measure it to improve it

We know that leaders value insights on their investments and team performance. Leveraging everything we’ve learned about what makes the most successful organizational cultures, we’ve built a product that, builds in your organization’s own unique goals and draws insights based on work behaviours and use of work tools. No more time consuming, manual data crunching. Just insights and analysis, anytime.

Build inspiring, connected leaders

Connected leaders embrace new forms of communication to engage and get closer to employees. Our connected leader program empowers leaders to adapt their style to be more accessible and transparent, deepen connections with their people, and discuss issues beyond the balance sheet.


Embed new ways to work

People and behaviors are the foundation of great teamwork. Get those things right, and the tools become a supercharger! If you’re looking to embed new team habits, rituals and practices, we have the formula to help them stick.

Inspire change champions

Some of us seek out change, but most are hardwired to avoid it. The ongoing involvement of change champions in your organizational change is key to delivering positive sustainable change. We’ll help you to keep these champions engaged ad embedding change over time.

Work automation

On average people spend two thirds of their time on ‘work about work’, instead of getting into the good stuff, affecting productivity, morale and culture. By automating repetitive tasks, you can free people up to collaborate and do more focused work. 

Start by exploring our free and premium Workplace automations – digital assistants that help you to be more productive at work! Or, if you have a specific work challenge you’re looking to solve, read on for more about our custom development. 

Dream it, create it

Have a specific business problem you need to solve? We’ll help you to find a way to automate it. Our technical team has experience designing and building custom automations and integrations for many of our customers. Our software engineers have developed all kinds of solutions from behind-the-scenes information system controls to frontline team member mobile experiences. We partner with your in-house technology and infrastructure teams to ensure the solution ticks all the right boxes and is easily deployed and maintained. We’ve got your back through every step of our process:

1. Prioritise ideas

There are endless opportunities to deliver delightful, meaningful employee experiences like onboarding, shift management and recognition, that sometimes it’s difficult to know where to start. We’ve built a framework to enable diverse teams to ideate together around problems and rally around the ones worth solving. Once the problems have been prioritised, the Enablo team will design an automation solution. 


2. Sell your solution

How do you sell a problem worth solving to business sponsors? You arm them with a clear and compelling pitch and visually showcase the solution – making it tangible, accessible, and easy to act upon. We know how well this formula works. Let us help you get the buy-in and action you need.


3. Bring it to life

Once the solution has buy-in from your stakeholders, Enablo’s team of software engineers are here to bring it to life! We’ve developed all kinds of solutions, from behind-the-scenes information system controls to mobile experiences for frontline team members. Technical blockers or unique integration requirements? We’ve been there before. We partner with your in-house technology and infrastructure teams to ensure the solution ticks all the right boxes and is easily deployed and maintained.


Let’s get started!