Enablo Platform

How do I assign additional admins?

This can be done through the Admin panel.

Under Settings, there is an ‘Invite Admin’ option which will generate a unique invitation link. Currently there is no way to control which admins have access to which bots or controls. Once they click the unique invitation link they will be granted access to the entire admin panel.

How can I announce that the bot is available on Workplace?

There is no right or way wrong to announce that a bot is available. Here at Enablo, we like to give our bots a personality and announce it in an all-company group through a post. In this post, we highlight the key benefits that the bot has to offer, like a new Profile Frame you’ve added or the types of Acronyms available. Workplace has an inbuilt notification feature, you can access it once the bot has been installed. To notify users, go to the Integrations page in Workplace and locate the newly installed bot.

Click the bell icon next to the bot.

This will present a popup that will allow you to choose to notify everyone or just specific groups.

Once confirmed, each user in the company, or group if you picked groups, will get a notification like the the once below as a chat where they can start talking to the bot.

Can I customize the bot after it has been installed?

You can customise the bot after installation through the Admin panel. Once installed, a bot will be managable through the Your Bots section by clicking ‘Configure’. The options for each bot type are different, so be sure to check out the customisations available for each bot.

What data do you gather?

The Enablo Platform captures the inputs provided by a user or admin to the platform bots or the admin panel for the purpose of processing the specific requests. This can include the user Workplace ID. Any information captured is not shared with any third-parties. The platform further captures anonymous data about your Enablo Platform installation usage.

What is the scope of data shared with this integration?

The Enablo Platform has Low Sensitivity permissions on Workplace.
This limits the access to user profile information to the User ID (email) and unique Workplace ID. Further information around Third Party Apps and permissions is available here and here.

How will I be notified when additional bots are available?

Currently, there is no notification mechanism for new bots. The best way is to check the admin panel from time to time to see if there are any new bots available.

What is the pricing?

Most bot and integrations in Enablo Platform are free to use. Enablo has some paid bots and integrations in the works (available soon!) that offer even greatly functionality than the existing options. Stay tuned!

What reporting is available? Can I see how many people are using each bot?

Currently the only reporting available is the ‘Interactions’ view on the Welcome page of the admin panel. This will show you the number of messages each bot has received per day and average daily interactions. We are looking to diversify the kind of reporting we can offer, including unique users for each bot. Let us know what you want to see!

How do I deploy to specific groups of users?
During the install process you can optionally specify one or more groups to make the bot available to. To limit access, create a private group and make the bot only available in that group, adding the user you want to access the bot.

You can change what groups it is available to after installation too through the Integrations section of the Workplace Admin Panel.
You can install the bot multiple times to create separate instances of the bots for different groups within your organisation too.

How can I submit feedback or feature requests?

The best way to let us know is through our current support channels at [email protected].