The Future
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The future of work is changing. Technological advances, shifting workforce demographics, hybrid work, the gig economy, and emerging technologies like AI and XR are creating new business challenges and opportunities. As workers demand more flexibility and autonomy, organisations must adapt and create boundaryless work environments that meet their employees’ evolving needs while finding ways to drive collaboration, productivity and efficiency.

XR and the Future of Work

XR, or ‘Extended Reality,’ is an umbrella term encompassing immersive technologies like Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and Mixed Reality (MR). It is powerful because it extends the reality we experience by either blending virtual and real worlds together, or by creating a fully immersive experience.

XR’s ability to bridge the gap between the physical and digital is infinite, and unlocks unlimited possibilities for learning and development, collaboration and productivity, community and culture, and creativity and design.

With a projected market growth from USD 35.14 billion in 2022 to USD 345.9 billion in 2030, XR and immersive technology are expected to play a crucial role in shaping the future of work (Precedence Research, 2022).

Extended Reality and the Future of Work
Navigate the Future of Work

Navigate the Future of Work with Enablo

Enablo’s leading XR partnerships, employee experience expertise and deep understanding of modern workplace technology and solutions uniquely position us to help organisations pilot, scale and grow their XR implementation strategies quickly and with ease. We help you:

  • Plan the business case for immersive technologies 
  • Deploy and manage your XR applications 
  • Integrate and adopt your new technology
  • Ensure you are secure and compliant

Our human-centred approach to immersive technology ensures your business continues to create the right culture and community, while also maximising employee communication, learning, collaboration and productivity.

Discover the Benefits

Learning and Development

Best for – human resources, education & training

Companies implementing XR soft skills training learn x4 times faster than classroom learners and are 275% more confident to apply their skills in real life (PwC, 2022). By eliminating the constraints of physical proximity and creating more engaging learning experiences, organisations can close the skills gap quicker by enabling more scalable and cost-effective learning opportunities and solutions.

XR learners are also more emotionally connected and focused than classroom learners because of higher interactivity, gamification and emotional realism. By practicing soft and hard skills training in real-world scenarios, employees can enhance knowledge retention in a risk-free environment, improving skill acquisition and decision-making abilities at work. (PwC, 2022).

  • Reduce risk
  • Enhance knowledge retention
  • Scalable
  • Save time and costs
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Collaboration and Productivity

Best for – remote & frontline teams

20% of remote workers say communication and collaboration are their biggest struggle (AI Multiple) and ineffective communication is one of the most common reasons for failures in the workplace (Pumble, 2023). XR-based collaboration solutions can help organisations overcome remote work challenges by creating flexible immersive work experiences that enhance productivity and reduce risk.

XR improves communication and productivity by giving frontline workers direct access to in-house experts in real-time, enabling employees to interact with 3D models and communicate with industry experts as if physically present in the same location. This reduces errors and enhances efficiency, comprehension, and decision-making.

  • Speed up information access to distributed workers
  • Foster teamwork and reduce errors
  • Increase productivity and collaboration
  • Eliminate geographical barriers and silos
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Community and Culture

Best for – people & culture, hybrid/ remote workers

Surprisingly, 68% of hybrid workers now feel lonelier than before COVID (McKinsey, 2022), and an alarming 70% of remote workers feel excluded from their workplace (Zippa, 2022). Reports show that although hybrid working remains the preferred choice for employees, a sense of belonging, company culture, and social interaction at work is still essential (Accenture, 2021).

By leveraging the power of XR organisations can build inclusive, immersive spaces that stimulate and mimic reality, such as meeting rooms, training experiences, and events. This can break down physical and geographical barriers at work, enhance employee inclusion and amplify diverse voices, giving people the same opportunities to connect, engage and participate.

  • Enhance the sense of belonging
  • Reduce feelings of isolation
  • Amplify diverse voices
  • Reduce travel costs
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Creativity and Design

Best for – product & design teams

VR, AR and MR has the potential to boost GDP by 2023 by $359.4 billion in the product and service development sector (PwC, 2022). It is transforming the creative and production process and has seen incredible enhancements in the automotive industry. By allowing designers to create, visualise and test products in real-life environments, organisations can now accelerate prototyping and produce more accurate and realistic concepts.

By allowing teams to co-create in an immersive setting and share 3D models with non-technical teams, ideas and feedback transpire faster and products are designed quicker, reducing the time and cost needed for physical manufacturing.

  • Increase the pace of innovation
  • Reduce assembly time
  • Design in real-time and at scale
  • Simulate real-life concepts
  • Reduce costs by investing less in physical manufacturing
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About our Future of Work Blueprint

Many organisations are interested in immersive technology and the future of work, but most need more time or resources to understand the benefits and use cases. Enablo’s Future of Work Blueprint is perfect for organisations that want to take their first steps with XR, or are in the pilot stages and struggling to scale and grow. 

The Enablo Future of Work Blueprint will cover XR fundamentals, helping you and your stakeholders explore and identify priority use cases for immersive technologies, unlocking new opportunities for collaboration, productivity, and learning across your teams, stores, and divisions. Our experts will help you build a clear strategy and roadmap for immersive technologies, and help you understand what’s possible now and in the future. 

XR Fundamentals

Immersive Experiences


Use cases

Business cases

The Enablo Future of Work Blueprint Timeline

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Our Future of Work Partnerships

Meta for Work

Meta is helping create the next evolution of business enterprise technology by leading the way with XR hardware, software, security, and applications. With breakthrough immersive technology like Meta Quest Devices, Meta Quest for Business, and Horizon Workrooms, organisations are redefining how their teams’ design, build, connect and collaborate.

As a trusted Meta for Work Partner, Enablo helps organisations confidently plan, build, and deploy their XR business strategies, ensuring the successful integration and adoption of immersive hardware and software in the workplace.


Talespin is a leading independent software vendor (ISV) that helps individuals use XR to learn faster, validate their skills and progress their careers more quickly. Specialising in soft skills training, Talespin allows organisations to create, publish and measure immersive training experiences, guiding employees to new heights in career planning and talent management.

As a Talespin partner, Enablo helps businesses design and create custom immersive learning content to suit their goals and objectives and helps them implement and scale their solutions across their teams and organisations.

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Enablo Future of Work Blueprint: The XR advantage

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