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You changed the way you connect, talk and engage with your customers, prospects and candidates. What if you changed it for your people, too?

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Workplace brings your people together

Workplace is a communication tool that connects everyone in your company, no matter where they’re working. It uses familiar features like Groups, Chat, Rooms and Live video broadcasting to get people talking and working together.

As a leading Workplace from Meta partner, we can help you get the most out of Workplace, creating the ultimate employee experience.

Workplace from Meta Partner

Why Workplace?

Intuitive & Famliar

Workplace is from Facebook, so you won’t need any training. The features are so familiar, anyone can pick it up and get started.

Security & Privacy

Workplace has all the security credentials you’d expect (and some you might not). So don’t worry – your data isn’t going anywhere.


From Google Drive and Office 365, to DocuSign and Azure AD, Workplace brings your favourite tools together to make it easy to drive adoption and work together.

Mobile Friendly

Workplace is designed with mobile in mind, so your employees can use Workplace anytime, anywhere, for anything. 

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Workplace for Communications

Streamline communications within your organization

91% of customers agree that Workplace helps create more engaging communications.

Workplace makes Comms teams more successful by boosting engagement with strategic communications, making leaders more visible, and amplifying company culture.

Workplace for Frontline

Making it easier for workers in direct contact with customers or the general public

85% of deskless workers feel disconnected from head office.

Workplace uses familiar, mobile-friendly tools to help you get your message across to them and give them a voice.

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team working
Workplace for Human Resources

Keep your company culture and people in sync

82% of customers say Workplace makes their culture stronger.

Workplace makes HR teams more successful by helping them attract, train and keep the best talent.

Workplace Automations

We’ve built solutions that make Workplace even better

On average, people spend two thirds of their time on ‘work about work’, instead of getting into the good stuff.

Repetitive tasks can be automated on Workplace, freeing your employees up to collaborate and do more focused work. Automations (or bots) are digital assistants that help you become more productive at work.

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We’re in good company.

Freedom Furniture Officeworks Bunnings Harris Farms Grilled Coffee Club
Ben and Jerrys Dominos Pizza Anytime Fitness Real Virgin Voyages Virgin Australia
NAB Bank Australian Catholic University Dawn Foods Origin Energy Pacific National Treasury Wine Estates
Yancoal Unisson Victoria Government Education & Training

The impact of Workplace


faster for frontline employees to receive news and announcements


of customers say Workplace makes their culture stronger


increase in product innovation for Workplace customers


increase in onboarding efficiency

Download the full report: The Total Economic Impact of Workplace from Meta.

“Workplace has helped us train and educate our team, share best practice, celebrate wins, reward and recognise our team and have a lot of fun along the way!”

Sarah Watson, Assistant Restaurant Manager, Grill’d

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