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A digital compliance solution that helps protect your people, company and culture

Millions of employee messages are sent across digital collaboration platforms like Workplace from Meta every year. It only takes one incident, or one security/compliance breach to cause harm to your people, culture or business.

of organisations have made
collaboration compliance a
board-level topic

fines have been issued to companies
globally due to failure to capture
data for regulatory compliance

of organisations report employees
are still using unmonitored communication
channels, leaving companies vulnerable to risk

What is Worklabs Protect?

Worklabs Protect is a simple, cost-effective digital communications governance solution that helps mitigate security and compliance risks within your Workplace from Meta community.

Reduce the burden of manual community moderation, legal eDiscovery and workplace investigations, with a fast, scalable, governance and compliance solution that will save your organisation time, money and resources.

Why Worklabs Protect

Help protect your people
company and culture

24 7
Simple and easy to use
Icons_Stay Compliant
Help stay compliant
Icons_Reduce Risks
Reduce risks
Icons_Save Time
Save time
& resources
Icons_Prevent data loss
Help prevent
data loss
Icons_Easy Case Management
Easy case
Help avoid fines
& penalties
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Built by Workplace
from Meta experts

Features you’ll love

Icons_Fast Search
Fast Search & eDiscovery

Search and investigate incidents and violations fast across your digital workplace, including edited and deleted content

Icons_Case Management
Easy case management

Proactively manage incidents across your digital workplace by adding content to new or existing cases. Export and share with investigating parties when needed

Proactive alerts

Activate and customise alerts to proactively monitor for and take action on inappropriate behaviour and sharing of sensitive information

Icons_Data retention
Data retention

Help remain compliant by safely retaining data for customisable periods depending on company policies and state and federal legislation

Icons_Data holds
Data holds

Apply data holds on one or more individuals, people sets, stores, or locations and override default data retention rules when legally required

Icons_Data purging
Data purging

Permanently delete obsolete data from source systems and the archive system when it is no longer legally required

Ready to start your Worklabs Protect journey?

How it Works

Worklabs Protect proactively scans and detects employee misconduct and sensitive information sharing across your Workplace from Meta community to help keep your people, culture, and business safe.

Measure what matters to you


Safely capture and archive content to prevent data loss, including edited and deleted content, and help retain what’s legally required.


Use advanced search to perform investigations with ease, and apply eDiscovery to preserve, collate, and export data quickly.

Take decisive action
Know what's happening


Use proactive alerts to help manage compliance issues across your digital workplace before they escalate to help protect your people, culture, brand and data.

Communications & HR

Reduce manual community moderation and proactively monitor for, and resolve, incidents across your digital workplace before they escalate.

  • Reduce manual community moderation
  • Help employee channels like chat flow without restrictions
  • Support safe, secure employee collaboration to help maintain culture and engagement
  • Act quickly on employee misconduct and help resolve HR incidents fast
  • Streamline HR incident reporting and the internal case management process
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IT, Security & Compliance

Have more visibility and control over the digital communications governance and compliance process for your organisation 

  • Help to uphold the regulatory compliance process for your organisation with a more streamlined digital governance and compliance process for your Workplace form Meta community 
  • Help mitigate the risk of sensitive information sharing across digital employee channels (PII, PCI, and PHI data)
  • Have better visibility and control over the digital governance and compliance process for your organisation
  • Safety retain data from your Workplace from Meta community for customisable periods depending on company/ legislation requirements
  • Help to minimise legal and regulatory risks across the business and help protect your brand’s reputation
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Enablo works closely with Worklabs Protect customers to launch, embed, and optimise their platforms successfully. As both Worklabs and Workplace specialists, we provide an end-to-end solution for your digital employee experience needs, helping to keep your people safe, secure, productive, and engaged at all times.

Implementation support
Implementation support
Technical Support
Technical support
CSM Support
CSM support
Regular reviews
Regular platform reviews
Ongoing platform advice and support
Workplace Experts
Workplace from Meta
+ Worklabs specialists

Security and privacy is at the heart of Worklabs

Trusting us with your data is a big deal and something we take very seriously


Regularly pen-tested to ensure the optimal performance of our security systems

ISO 27001 certified

Compliant with globally recognised information security standards

Securely encrypted

Your information is safeguarded by the highest standards of encryption

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Enablo are modern work specialists who work in close partnership with industry-leading technology providers to empower organisations to maximise employee learning, communications, collaboration and productivity. Book a demo to find out how to optimise your workforce performance with Worklabs and Enablo today.

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