Webinar: A data-driven approach to managing and improving your Workplace from Meta community

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How can data improve your Workplace from Meta community?

Are you looking for deeper insights, seeking better ways to showcase the return on your Workplace from Meta investment, or want to understand what effective community management looks like?

We know first-hand the challenges that Communications and Human Resources teams face when managing a company-wide platform like Workplace from Meta. With the limited resources you have, it’s a continuous effort to demonstrate the value being generated across digital channels, let alone ensure your communities are a safe space for collaboration.

Join Enablo Head of Product Dave Nixon, Customer Success Manager Blair Husted and Client Partner Nisha Kurani, as they discuss the common data challenges Workplace customers face and how to solve them. Learn the importance of Workplace data-driven strategies, understand how to identify employee challenges and opportunities more accurately, and learn to streamline community management to save yourself hours of burdensome work each month.

What to expect:

  • Common data challenges faced by employee communication and digital workplace/experience owners
  • A better understanding of what effective Workplace community management looks like
  • How to understand your employees and identify engagement opportunities for knowledge and frontline workers
  • Metrics and insights to measure the outcomes you’re seeking


Watch Webinar:

Enablo Webinar Series: A data-driven approach to managing and improving your Workplace from Meta community