Empower employees to simplify their work with Enablo Platform

For many employees today, getting work done while interacting with a multitude of systems on a daily basis can be difficult. Our goal with Enablo Platform is to reduce the friction employees face by offering solutions to some of the most common use cases we see. All powered by Workplace from Facebook, for free!

Enablo Platform Bot and Automation

What are bots and automations?

Bots can help enhance your employee experience through meaningful and exciting micro-experiences. Usually bots are integrated into existing business systems, processes and are designed to help with common business tasks making your work day easier.

The most common type of bots are conversational, a virtual assistant that you can have a simple chat with to get stuff done. Powered by Workplace from Facebook, bots can be an invaluable tool to your employees.

Think about how different your organisation could be if IT support, HR, expenses, knowledge sharing and employee recognition were all just a click or tap away, accessible by anyone, everywhere.

What is the Enablo Platform?

Over the last few years we have worked with organisations from around the world to build solutions that help drive employee experience and engagement through Workplace from Facebook. 

Some of these bots come up again and again, solving the same kinds of problems at multiple organisations. We’ve taken these common uses cases and consolidated them together, making them available to everyone on Enablo Platform.

The goal of Enablo Platform is to help with both the launch and adoption of Workplace from Facebook for organisations worldwide. We want Enablo Platform to help educate teams on the value of bots and supercharge their journey of discovery when it comes to bots and their what why can offer their employees.

Introducing the Enablo Platform Bots


Drowning in acronyms? The Acronyms bot is the perfect solution. Crowdsource acronyms used within your organisation and create a centralised and easy to use place to access every acronym in your organisation.


Have complicated spreadsheets of data you want to surface to your employees in an intuitive experience? Want to give employees a way to self-help on complicated spreadsheets? Lookup has got you covered. The perfect bot to bring all your data together and let users quickly find what they were looking for.

Profile Frames

Whether it’s to promote your latest company milestone, show support for a great cause, or provide a way to add some on-brand flair, Profile Frames is the bot to use when you want to enable your Workplace users to spruce up their profile picture and generate a buzz.


Want to send out scheduled messaging campaigns to your Workplace users directly through chat? The campaign bot is the perfect solution. Use it for onboarding, use it for change management, use it for the festive season – the choice is yours.

Quick Ticket

Let users find the answers to those frequently asked questions and submit support tickets. A perfect entry point, purely within Workplace, for your staff to get in touch with IT support or HR – or any other process that requires tickets. Quick Ticket can be used to send tickets directly to Trello or any of the most common support desk solutions out there. If you could email it, you can use Quick Ticket for it!

Pair Up

Remote and distributed teams miss out on the serendipitous meetings that the office water cooler and communal kitchens once offered. Pair Up bot provides a perfect way to randomly pair office members together for a catch up be it social or work related.

Lights, Camera, Automate!

They say a photo is worth a million words, but how many more is a video worth? Here are a few examples of the bots in actions. While it isn’t the festive season all year long, we’ve also included our Festive Campaign which gives an example of how teams can build a campaign around multiple bots to create engaging experiences and drive adoption.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we offer these for free?

We believe that bots enrich the Workplace experience and drive adoption of Workplace. Offering these bots for free gives you insight into the problems your organisation can solve with bots, which ignites the ideation process for other bots you could create (or get Enablo to build) to solve other problems in your organisation. Enablo has assisted organisations across the globe drive the ideation process and deliver business changing solutions through bots.

Why can’t I install the bots into Workplace?

While anyone can sign up to Enablo Platform, only Workplace Administrators can install bots. Reach out to your Workplace Administrator and ask them to install the bots on your behalf. Use the invite admin link in Enablo Platform to invite them to your business in Enablo Platform.

If you are a Workplace Administrator and having issues, please reach out to Workplace Support.

How do I get support?

Because Enablo Platform is delivered via Workplace from Facebook there are mutliple places to find support depending on what kind of issues you are experiencing.

For support relating to Enablo Platform (eg. platform.enablo.com) or any of the bots you have installed please contact us at [email protected]. For support relating to Workplace from Facebook and Work Chat please open a ticket with Workplace Support.

If in doubt we are always here to help so shoot us an email at [email protected]!


We’ve got a whole page dedicated to security. If you require any additional information please reach out to us.

Want something custom? Let’s chat!

While Enablo Platform tries to accommodate some of the most common use cases that we come across, there is infinite potential for employees and businesses when it comes to bots and automation. We love these challenges! If you have an idea or a problem you think could be solved through bots, reach out and let’s see what we can come up with together. The team is ready to help solve your next big thing!