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Rallying together frontline and franchisees

Enablo and Workplace from Meta

Ben & Jerry’s leaders were looking for a way to deliver more effective business-wide communication that was two-way, real-time, and tailored to the right person at the right time. And after looking at a variety of tools in the market, Workplace stood out to them – not only to connect scoopers in stores and HOYTS Cinema kiosks but also to get a more constructive line into franchise partners.

As an established company and Unilever brand, Ben & Jerry’s saw the value in partnering with a corporate communications platform that offered intuitive tools to get people talking and working together. With a young demographic of employees, Workplace from Meta was user-friendly and familiar territory as their frontline already used many of Workplace’s features like groups and chat on Facebook. The simple setup also meant they could quickly roll out Workplace to every employee’s pocket to create connected spaces that benefited scoopers, franchisees, and leaders, just in time for summer.

As an experienced Workplace APAC partner, Enablo was here to support their vision every step of the way. So, we got to work to bring everyone together at Ben & Jerry’s just in time for the silly season (and eat copious amounts of ice cream along the way!).

Workplace Results


Adoption in less than two weeks


Connections made


Accounts claimed

95% adoption in less than two weeks

From project kick-off to full company launch (Australia and New Zealand), it was a five-week journey, including technical setup, community readiness, comms and change management, and leadership and champions onboarding. Yup, only five weeks!

A big part of their launch success has been Ben & Jerry’s franchise partners, who acted as early adopters to the platform and Workplace Champions, with 100% accounts claimed.

To help drive engagement with scoopers, the leadership team challenged them to beat the clock on launch day and get 100% of their scoopers to join Workplace within 48 hours. More than half of their stores reached 100% on day one, making the dream a reality and were treated to a drool-worthy box of sweet treats for all to enjoy. What’s more, Ben & Jerry’s hit 95% adoption across ANZ in the first week after launch, with over 13,000 connections made and the most engaged stores taking the title. Congratulations to Ben & Jerry’s Manly, Cairns, and Flinders Lane (Melbourne)!

“Workplace is already giving us a real-time window into what our stores are doing and what their challenges are, and our scoopers triumphs, thoughts and ideas. As you can imagine, we can’t be everywhere all the time, so being able to hear from our scoopers is really important to how we as a business innovate, improve and engage with our customers and their communities.”

Sean Farrell, Country Business Lead – Ben & Jerry’s ANZ.

You did it Ben & Jerry’s!

“We’re so excited to have worked with Enablo to launch Workplace and are blown away by how quickly Workplace made an impact at Ben & Jerry’s,” says Bruce Lambert, Head of Retail at Ben & Jerry’s ANZ.


“It’s only been two weeks and already, we’re feeling closer to our franchise partners and scoopers. We’re getting to know each other (and our pets at home), we’re hosting votes on changes we could make to the product and our customer experience, and we’re sharing knowledge like never before (and not just who’s made the best Christmas-themed ice cream cake!).


“To think it has come together in just five weeks is amazing and a credit to the ease of launching Workplace with Enablo. I can’t wait to see what the future holds.”

We mean, wow. We just LOVE the “Wow, did you see that on Workplace” moments. There are so many ways to enjoy Ben & Jerry’s, but one thing’s for sure, it’s better enjoyed together.

“We’re so stoked and honored to be sharing some of Ben & Jerry’s best launch moments with the world. From all of us at Enablo, congrats on a hugely successful launch, just in time for summer! We’ve had an absolute blast working with Sean, Bruce, Amilee and the ANZ leadership team and at 95% claimed already, we’re excited to see what’s to come as you continue to strive for excellence and engage everyone at Ben & Jerry’s.”

Kate Cross, Experience Manager at Enablo

Go ahead, give Workplace a swirl

Are you looking for a tool that connects the entire workforce — from hospitality outlets to franchise stores and everyone in between — to each other and your organization’s purpose and mission? At Enablo, we are digitizing work in order to build the best-distributed work experiences and drive connection, communication, collaboration and productivity for everyone, anywhere.

Through our partnership with Workplace, we work alongside our customers to launch and embed the tools, then measure and drive their ongoing success. A founding partner of Workplace from Meta, we’ve helped hundreds of organizations transform their culture and the way they work with Workplace.

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