Automate support through Workplace chat!

Why have a separate platform for your employee helpdesk, when you can do it (for free) through Workplace with Enablo’s Quick Ticket automation? Whether for IT Help or HR Support, ‘Quick Ticket’ provides effortless self-service connecting your employees to verified FAQs and streamlines your ticketing queues by enabling users to submit support tickets right from Workplace Chat.

The benefits


Automate answers to FAQs via Workplace Chat for a great employee experience


Make your help desk available to your frontline via Workplace Chat


Streamline support ticket queues


Grow business intelligence by tracking questions sent and matches made

How it works

For employees

  • Start a conversation with ‘Quick Ticket’ in Workplace Chat
  • Ask your questions like “How do I reset my password?”
  • Your answers will be returned, including text, images and attachments
  • If Quick Ticket doesn’t know the answer to your question, raise a support ticket by answering some preset questions, and the business support team will reach out to you

For admins

Once installed, use the admin panel in Enablo Platform to:

  • Add your FAQ’s and keywords, including the answers that users will receive
  • Select the email address or addresses that your support tickets should be sent to
  • Customize the questions your users need to answer to raise a support ticket
  • Report on the search terms your users are looking for, and whether this matches your data

Get started!

Quick Ticket Bot is free to install for any Workplace admin. Install today by logging in or signing up to the Enablo Platform.

Need help? Contact our support team here, or drop us a line at [email protected]