Quick and easy info look up!

Lookup is a free self-service assistant on Workplace from Meta that allows your people to get needed information quickly and get back to their work. Provide instant answers to HR questions like requesting time off or access to benefits, access to your global directory of office locations and people, or help your people find product information like product codes or pricing details. If you have the information, Lookup will find it!

The benefits


Less time hunting for information, more time on high-impact work


Complex information becomes conversational in Workplace chat


Admin templates and in-app interface make it easy to manage all sorts of facts in the back end

How it works

For employees

  • Open up a chat with ‘Look up’ bot in Workplace from Meta
  • Follow the prompts to ask for the information you’re looking for and see the response
  • If the information isn’t returned, send an automatic request to your Workplace admin for it to be included

For admins

Once installed, use the admin panel in Enablo Platform to:

  • Easily create lookup reference tables that make it easy to manage all sorts of information
  • Upload information via CSV
  • View requests from your people for new information 
  • Access analytics about the information people are looking up 

Get started!

Lookup is free to install for any Workplace admin. Install today by logging in or signing up to the Enablo Platform.

Need help? Contact our support team here, or drop us a line at [email protected]