Campaign bot

Workplace opens up a whole new world of delivering engaging and impactful internal campaigns. Take your content delivery to the next level with Enablo’s Campaign Bot, designed to send messages at particular times to particular users and track reach and engagement.

Create simple and effective campaigns

  • Create a new campaign or use a predefined campaign sample
  • Customise messages to your liking
  • Determine delivery dates/times
  • Determine the list of users who will receive the campaign messages
  • Campaign Bot image and name can be branded to make it suitable for your company.

Perfect for onboarding and content delivery

  • Workplace users do not need to chat or accept anything, messages will appear directly in their Workplace chat panel.
  • Messages can be text or an attachment. Any attachment file is supported. Files are stored in Enablo GCP storage following best security practices.
  • Users have the ability to click a ‘Mark as read’ button. This is a great feature so you can track which users are engaging with the messages and get confidence that you know the messages were sent and read!

Make it fun!

Don’t forget to add GIFs and emojis to make it fun and engaging!

The Enablo app platform

Campaign bot is free to install for any Workplace admin. If you’re an admin, head on over to our Platform.

If you’d like to learn more about Campaign bot or our other apps, get in touch.

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