Acronyms bot

IDK* about you, but acronyms often have us thinking WTH**. We much prefer to KISS***. That’s why we’ve developed Acronyms bot – a way to look up acronyms via your Workplace chat app. Simply open up a conversation with Acronym bot in your chat app, type in the acronym and, voila…acronym definition.

*I don’t know
**What the heck
***Keep it simple stupid

Get your Acronyms answered fast

  • Look up the definition of an acronym in a chat bot on Workplace
  • If an acronym definition is not found, request to add acronyms for admin approval
  • If an acronym definition has typos or isn’t quite correct, suggest an edit to existing acronyms for admin approval
  • Look up as many acronyms as you want

Where does the data come from?

  • Acronym and description data is specific to your company
  • Acronym data must be entered on the Enablo Platform Admin section
  • Bulk upload acronyms and definitions by CSV
  • The bot will only respond with the acronyms data you have entered

The Enablo app platform

Campaign bot is free to install for any Workplace admin. If you’re an admin, head on over to our Platform.

If you’d like to learn more about Campaign bot or our other apps, get in touch.

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