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Enabling the digital workplace of the future, today.

Enablo is a dedicated Workplace by Facebook partner, helping organisations elegantly connect their workforce and enable new ways of working.

At Enablo, we are constantly exploring ways to apply modern digital solutions to drive essential breakthroughs in organisational culture and business value.

We believe that the future of work needs to be more networked, more devolved, more mobile, more team-based, more project-based, more collaborative, more real-time, and more fluid.

This is why we have partnered with Workplace by Facebook. Workplace is a familiar, business ready communications and collaboration platform powered by Facebook. And we believe it is the future of work, today.


Workplace elegantly connects everyone across your whole organisation — from your executives to your casual employees. Workplace even allows you to securely connect with people outside of your organisation, such as your key partners and suppliers.

Share ideas, leverage knowledge, gain insight, and foster a stronger culture and community within the workplace.

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Workplace makes information sharing and consumption a joy. Rich media features and sharing make it easy to get the right information to the right audience using the right medium.

Real-time, two-way communications tools on mobile and desktop, allows employees to be responsive, wherever they are.


Workplace radically enhances employees' ability to work together and solve business problems. With its social heritage, collaborating with colleagues across the enterprise is seamless and intuitive.

Workplace offers integrations with leading enterprise file storage platforms, productivity applications and CRM solutions.

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Unlock business value
Increase revenue
Elegantly connect employees and identify cross-sell, up-sell and new business opportunities.
Enhance innovation and ideation
Foster two-way communication to drive discussions and build communities of interest and practice to drive the innovation agenda.
Raise productivity and efficiency
Configure bots and digital assistants that streamline employee tasks by executing frequent business processes and functions.
Accelerate time-to-market
Supply tools to help research, develop, test and deliver new products and services more quickly.
Reduce operational costs
Introduce more effective ways to met virtually, cutting travel and telecommunication costs and eliminating wasted time in transit.
Improve the customer experience
Enable employees to find the information they need more quickly and serve their customers more efficiently.
Increase agility and flexibility
Provide the tools that mimic organisation and business changes and reflect employee behaviour.
Raise staff satisfaction
Provide easy-to-use tools that can be used anywhere, anytime, and from many devices - being just as efficient outside the office.
Strengthen talent recruitment and retention
Develop a brand for exceptional, modern workplace technologies that support the many values employees cherish.

No matter where you are on your digital workplace journey, we are here to help you succeed.

We recognise that our customers have different capabilities and needs. Our service offerings are broad-ranging, yet designed to be modular — so you can make the most of our expertise where you need it, and we can enable your project team to excel.

Workplace Vision & Strategy

Start at the end. It's important to articulate what is most important to your business, what is holding you back, and define your vision for future ways of working. Enablo can help define your digital workplace vision and put a roadmap in place to get you there.

  • Workplace assessment
  • Workplace vision + roadmap development
  • Workplace business case development
  • Leadership introductory sessions
Workplace Pilot

Sometimes you need to pilot technology and run experiments before you go all in on changing the way you work for everyone. Enablo can help establish and facilitate a succinct pilot program that focuses on empowering pilot users, measuring business value, and establishing the foundations for your future ways of working.

  • Pilot scope + success measures
  • Pilot use cases + prioritisation
  • Champion selection + onboarding
  • Pilot oversight + assessment
Workplace Launch & Enablement

It's a big deal launching Workplace by Facebooka platform that is used by everyone and capable of radically transforming the way you work everyday. Enablo can help ensure your roll-out of Workplace is the massive success you want it to be - utilising known best practices and avoiding common mistakes that others before you have made.

  • Communications + engagement planning
  • Community design structure
  • Technical setup + integration
  • Early champion onboarding + support
  • Leadership onboarding + support
  • Project + stakeholder management
Workplace Bots & Custom Integrations

Delight your employees by reducing friction in their busy working lives. Enablo can help supercharge business productivity and efficiency through the application and configuration of modern digital assistants (bots) that integrate with your key business applications to streamline your most frequent and important business processes.

  • Workplace bot design + build
  • Workplace custom integration design + build
  • Workplace solution development guidance
Workplace Community Success

For the first time, you have a true picture of how connected and engaged your workforce (community) is. Enablo can help ensure you are making the most of your digital workplace investment and continually exploring ways to increase engagement, grow adoption, and improve the way you work.

  • Community analytics + reporting
  • Review + improve sessions
  • Roadmap updates
  • Best practice sharing (customer to customer)
Let’s get to work
Looking to radically improve the way you connect, communicate and collaborate with colleagues? We’d love to hear about it.