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Maximise adoption and engagement at launch

Launch Microsoft Viva Engage with confidence with Enablo’s Viva Engage Start, 12-week launch package.

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About Microsoft Viva Engage

Microsoft Viva Engage brings people together across the organisation to connect with leaders, coworkers, and communities. It provides an experience where people can crowdsource answers and ideas, share their work and experience, and find belonging at work.

Viva Engage is part of the Microsoft Viva employee experience platform built within Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams. The Viva suite of apps gives you the ability to support connection, insight, purpose, and growth in your organisation using your existing infrastructure.

Why do I need a Viva Engage launch partner?

Many organisations underestimate the effort required for a successful platform launch, including project management, technical setup, training, change management, leadership buy-in, communications, rollout, and post-implementation value. Working with a Microsoft Viva Engage implementation partner like Enablo, ensures a swift and seamless company-wide launch for everyone.

Maximise Adoption

Smooth change management process

Reduce implementation risks

Set-up and configuration support

Fast pain-free deployment

Drive value post-launch

Navigate the Future of Work

Why enablo?

Enablo are modern work specialists with over six years of experience launching employee experience platforms worldwide, boasting an 80% adoption rate post-launch.

Our Viva Enage Start package will ensure you build a successful launch plan and implementation strategy, that maximises company-wide adoption, and boosts employee communication and engagement. 

By incorporating best practice in employee experience, communication and change management, we ensure our customers are set up for success from day one.

Launch Viva Engage in 10-12 Weeks

Enablo will work closely with you to develop and implement a launch strategy that aligns with your business goals, objectives, KPIs, and employee and stakeholder needs. Over 10-12 weeks, we will provide support across the planning, building, design, deployment, training and adoption of your Microsoft Viva Engage platform. 

Viva Engage Launch Process

Plan and Assess 

We help you plan for launch and ensure it’s tailored to business goals and objectives

Build and Design

We help you with technical set-up, configuration, design, security and structure of your new environment


Engage and Iterate

We help you get the buy-in you need from stakeholders, to make your community a success

Train and Adopt

We help you feel confident with your new platform and prepare you for a successful launch

Drive Value

We help you measure and understand success so you can continue to drive ongoing value

Grow and develop

Now it’s over to you! Watch your community grow and evolve over time using our best practice employee experience methods.


“The Enablo team took the time to understand the business and our unique needs. They did it quickly and successfully…educating and holding our hand along the way,”

Internal Communications Manager, Dawn Foods

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