Everything you need to fast-track organizational change

So, your organization is seriously considering Workplace? Awesome! Although, we know it’s still a big leap from here to launch. Getting all the right stakeholders on board, mapping out your audience profiles, organizational challenges, and launch tactics. It’s a lot to get through. That’s where Enablo’s Blueprint Sprint comes in.

A typical Blueprint Sprint, which can be delivered virtually or in person, takes one to two weeks. The sprint includes planning /pre-work, sessions and workshops, project write-up, and revision of any deliverables.

How do you know you're ready?

  1. Are you ready to agree on organizational values?

  2. Are your team members ready for change?
  3. Have you identified your key champions for launch and ongoing success?
  4. Are you ready to deploy?

Who should be involved?

  • Leadership – C-suite or Executive team members, Marketing & Communications, People & Culture/Human Resources, Operations, and any IT leaders
  • Sponsors and stewards – Key members tasked with implementing or driving Workplace adoption and success going forward

Ready to get started, or keen to learn more, get in touch!