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Finding a communication solution that worked for all employees

Enablo and Workplace from Meta

TUH Health Fund was founded in 1972 by the Queensland Teachers’ Union with one simple purpose: to provide first-rate health care to those who spend their working lives looking after others.  What started out as a local health fund for teachers quickly grew, and today TUH provides insurance and health-related services to 70,000 members Australia-wide. Many of its members are people who provide care and vital services to their local communities, such as teachers, nurses, fire-fighters, and government employees.

In order to keep delivering exceptional service to customers, TUH needed an internal communication solution that matched the success of their external communication with customers. In 2018, feedback from a company-wide survey revealed that employees felt communication was fragmented and inefficient. Only 33% of employees felt communication was timely, while just 29% felt communication was effective about areas that impact their job.

Email was the main mode of communication at TUH, which created distance between teams. Employees were operating in separate functional siloes, and wanted the opportunity to collaborate in real-time and have open two-way dialogues between teams. Email bulletins and weekly newsletters delivered top-down communications, but there was no easy way for employees to exchange ideas from the bottom up.

Another key challenge for TUH was finding a communication solution that worked for all employees. TUH has a number of employees who work remotely – staff who are on the road and those with hands-on jobs in healthcare, such as dental clinicians. These employees do not have ready access to a desktop, which made real-time communication with a portion of the workforce very challenging.

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Advantages of a mobile-first platform

TUH turned to Workplace from Meta’s mobile-first platform for an agile solution to their communication challenges. TUH also chose to partner with Enablo to set them up for success on the platform. From the first Blueprint sprint session with Enablo to deployment, implementation took a total of just 6 weeks.

The process started with an Enablo Blueprint Sprint – a customised program run by Enablo that helps companies plan, workshop, implement, and adopt Workplace.

“The implementation was well-considered and, by leveraging the expertise of Enablo, we were able to have a smooth and successful launch of Workplace that engaged our people and received strong endorsement from our Executive,” says Bernadette.

“We really had a value proposition for all our people with Workplace, but we considered the needs of our remote employees, in particular, to ensure we had a solution that would benefit them.” – Bernadette Hanly, Culture, Change and Communications Lead, TUH Health Fund.

“We all feel so much closer. There seems to be a lot more fun and enthusiasm, and our communication seems to be much more two-way.”

Bernadette Hanly, Culture, Change and Communications Lead, TUH Health Fund

The Results

Workplace is intuitive and accessible for TUH staff in head office and for remote employees alike. Workplace Chat makes it possible to communicate and exchange ideas in real-time, while teams at TUH now use Workplace Groups to collaborate on shared projects.

As a result, Bernadette has noticed a positive change in culture at TUH saying that information is being shared in real-time, and it truly has removed distance within our organization.

“We were really happy with our engagement with Enablo and feel confident that we can continue to leverage Workplace to grow and deliver an exceptional experience for our members and our people,” says Bernadette.

The interactive, real-time nature of Workplace itself really has improved our overall communication and collaboration at TUH.

Bernadette Hanly Culture, Change and Communications Lead, TUH Health Fund

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