About Asana

Work on big ideas without the busy work.

Communicating about work, hunting for information, chasing status reports. We’ve accepted these as part of our jobs, but we shouldn’t have to. Asana coordinates work so teams can  get on with the skilled work they love (and were hired) to do. Join millions who use Asana to stay in sync, hit deadlines and meet their goals.

What makes Asana different?

Coordinating work for teams is chaotic, but spreadsheets don’t scale and project management tools aren’t connected to the underlying work. Asana’s work management platform is the single source of truth teams need to bridge the gap between daily tasks and organizational impact. With Asana, you can set, track and manage company goals on the same platform where teams are coordinating work, creating a complete ‘pyramid of clarity’ – from mission and objectives, to portfolios, projects, processes and individual tasks.

Understand in real-time what work is on track

Connect strategy to action

Ensure everyone’s working on the most important things, and that everyone’s tracking towards your goals.

Reduce work about work

Create clarity of who is doing what by when and reduce the amount of time spent coordinating work, finding information and figuring out how you make progress. 

Minimise mistakes

Automated workflows in Asana have saved customers over 2 million actions over the last month. Asana connects to 100s of applications

Build a team and organizational brain

Learn from past work and build a culture of sustained innovation.

Asana helps organizations thrive


Return on Investment in an average time-to-value of 3 months.


greater team efficiency. That’s the same as getting a week’s worth of work done by Wednesday.


Of Asana users say they couldn’t do their jobs without.

Enablo’s here to make Asana work for you

Whether you’re looking to roll out Asana to your entire team, drive team adoption through change management, or get customized technical support, we’re ready to partner with you at every step of the way.


The best way for your team to get started with Asana is to transition an important everyday workflow to Asana. We’re here to help!


Looking to bring multiple, cross-functional teams into Asana? We’ll work with you to transition all your critical workflows.


Transition your company to Asana with onsite professional guidance and support. 


Does your organization have unique needs? No worries. We can tailor your services and support experience to meet them. Consult with our experts on change management and digital transformation initiatives, work with a technical solutions engineer for custom integrations and automation and receive custom training.


For ongoing success it’s critical to assess your organization’s usage of Asana and identify areas of improvement. We’ll work with you to look at things like your goals and success measures, where Asana fits in your organization’s digital toolkit, adoption, team structure and access, as well as how you are celebrating work progress and momentum. 

Teams hit their goals with Asana

team talking

Remote teams

Empower distributed teams to manage their work effectively from anywhere – office, home, frontline.

Cross-functional teams

Drive projects company-wide, amongst leaders, as well as across marketing, sales, operations, product, IT, HR and anything in between.

External teams

Bring in external collaborators on your projects. It’s so simple to use, they’ll hit the ground running. 

See everything your team’s working on in one place

Set and achieve strategic goals

With Goals, aligning your teams around clear objectives and prioritizing the right work is easier than ever. Goals help everyone at your organization understand why their work matters and what they should be working towards.


Set goals in Asana for a single source of the truth.


Provide project updates to keep everyone on track.


Make goals measurable with metrics.


Connect work and projects to goals.

Accomplish more with less

Give every team and department the confidence and clarity they need to do their best work, faster.

Projects & tasks

Organize and manage every piece of work in a shared list or board so you know who is doing what by when.

Forms & templates

Standardize the way you intake and execute work so you kick off every project with the right information and processes.


Automate manual tasks that get in the way of high-value work like strategy and problem solving.

Track and report on work

Manage projects, teams and portfolios to coordinate work throughout your business.


Map out projects in a Gantt chart-like view so you can visualize and orchestrate every task, deadline and dependency – perfectly.


Monitor multiple projects in one central location so you can easily report on progress and status.


Track team capacity with weighted tasks so you can make informed staffing decisions and reduce burnout.

“…Our trusted Channel Partners, including Enablo, are enabling our customers to unlock more value from Asana by providing them with a single platform for distributed work that enables them to move faster and coordinate their work seamlessly, no matter where they are located.”

Mary-Patton Eisen, Global Head of Channel Partnerships, Asana

The ROI of Work Management

Download the full report: The ROI of Work Management

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