Workplace Has Released Its First Annual 'Workplace for Good' Social Report... And It's a MUST Read!

It’s been one year since the launch of Workplace for Good, the initiative helping non-profits and education institutions use Workplace to create effective communities and change the way they work collaboratively. Workplace have released its first ever Workplace Social Impact study for 2018/2019, highlighting important information on how organizations are using Workplace to break down silo’s and bring employees together.

Here are some quick stats on what Workplace for Good users think of Workplace:

99% of Workplace for Good users would recommend using Workplace to other organizations.
62% agree that using Workplace has helped them better serve their communities
87% agree that Workplace is an important tool in achieving their social mission

Check out the report to read even more great stats!

What is Workplace for Good?

Workplace for Good is an initiative designed to donate tools to non-profits and educational institutions to help teams connect, collaborate and create change in their community. Contact us today to see if you’re eligible for Workplace for Good.

What can we expect to learn from this report?

Aside from the ample statistics on how Workplace for Good is changing the nonprofit and education space, the social impact report covers insights into:

  • Areas where Workplace for Good have been successful in driving social impact
  • Organizations that are successfully using Workplace
  • New areas for growth and improvement in the workforce
  • How Workplace is being accountable to the community

Are you a Non-profit or Educational Institution looking to try Workplace? Get in touch with us today to see if you're eligible.

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