Scaling mixed reality for enterprise: Unpacking the launch of Meta Quest 3 and Quest for Business

by Sarah Jeffrey
Published on November 8, 2023

Scaling mixed reality for enterprise: Unpacking the launch of Meta Quest 3 and Quest for Business

The Meta Quest 3 headset launched in early October. While targeted at the consumer, it also boasts a more business-friendly approach thanks to upgraded features and the arrival of the new Quest for Business subscription service. So how exactly will this duo benefit businesses?

What is Meta Quest 3

Meta Quest 3 is the world’s first mass-market mixed reality headset. Released on October 10 as a successor to the Quest 2, the Quest 3 is primarily pitched at consumers, but it also has potential in the Workplace. Its much-anticipated full-colour “pass-through” is designed to blend physical and digital environments together, and aims to make immersive training and workplace collaboration much more accessible and flexible for employees.

Meta Quest for Business

Image: Meta

What is Meta Quest for Business

Meta Quest for Business, (combined with the Quest 3 headset), is a subscription service that offers enterprise-level features and customer support. It includes an advanced admin portal for streamlined device and team management and built in solutions for better headset control and more flexible collaboration. The main goal here is to simplify device management, enhance corporate security and elevate enterprise productivity.

Let’s look at them each a little closer.

Meta Quest 3

Image: Meta

Meta Quest 3 headset features

The Quest 3 has quite a few advancements from its predecessors that make it more practical for the workplace:

  • Crystal-clear visuals for precision work:
    The Quest 3’s enhanced resolution means every detail in your virtual workspace is sharper and more lifelike. Whether it’s intricate design work or detailed data analysis, the clarity brings a new level of precision to your XR experience.
  • Enhanced interaction for a natural experience:
    The improved hand tracking and interaction capabilities of the Quest 3 make navigating and working within XR as natural as in the real world. This intuitive interface bridges the gap between technology and human interaction, making XR a seamless part of your workday.
  • Power-packed performance for complex tasks:
    Its advanced processor makes the Quest 3 handle complex simulations and large-scale virtual projects effortlessly. This power ensures a smooth, uninterrupted experience, which is crucial for maintaining focus and efficiency in high-stakes environments.
  • Comfort-first design for extended sessions:
    Long XR sessions are no longer a strain, thanks to the Quest 3’s ergonomic design. This comfort-first approach means you can spend more time in virtual meetings, training sessions, or collaborative projects without the usual fatigue.
  • Expansive virtual environments for immersive collaboration:
    The Quest 3’s ability to render larger, more complex virtual environments opens up new possibilities for collaboration and creativity. Imagine brainstorming sessions in virtual spaces that inspire and engage, taking team collaboration to a whole new level.

Meta Quest for Business Dashboard Image: Meta

Meta Quest for Business Dashboard Image: Meta

Meta Quest for Business features

The Meta Quest for Business, paired with the Meta Quest 3 headset, helps create a functional business suite for organisations to manage internally.

  • Device management:
    Meta Quest for Business uses the admin portal to provide a team management hub allowing leaders to assign accounts and devices.
  • Built-in MDM solution
    Meta Quest for Business also comes with a built-in MDM solution that gives team leaders direct control of their headset fleet. Admins can set bulk provisions, assign profiles, review device status, configure WiFi support, reset PIN access, and remote wipe devices.
  • Individual mode
    Each individual can be assigned a Meta account much like you would a laptop. Individual mode supports existing enterprise user management platforms like Microsoft InTune, VMware, Workspace ONE, and Ivanti UEM. Individual mode is good for remote collaboration, creativity, and design.
  • Shared mode
    Shared mode allows Meta Quest devices to be shared by multiple people while giving admins the ability to decide which apps they are able to use. Users don’t sign in with an account, instead, they use a per-session PIN code provisioned by the administrator. Meta recommends Shared Mode for use cases like employee training or mass demonstrations at trade shows.
  • Support:
    Meta Quest for Business subscription also comes with a standard support package for business device-related issues


Mixed Reality Image: Meta

So why choose Meta Quest 3 and Quest for Business for your workplace?

The most obvious benefit of the Meta Quest 3 for the workplace is the full-color passthrough that gives employees the ability to view the outside world while wearing it. By bringing mixed-reality experiences into the device, businesses can use the headsets in situations where pass-through capabilities are most needed eg. roles that require safety or functionality. The hand-tracking capability also makes it more useful in scenarios where employees need to be hands-free or require tools when providing remote assistance such as engineers and mechanics, making collaboration more accessible in the Workplace. In summary, the headset makes work experiences less isolating and more comfortable, reducing friction and barriers to use.

Meta’s new business software service Meta Quest for Business also adds a new critical element needed for the workplace. Inclusive of device management, individual mode and shared mode, the software ensures corporate security and improves productivity within departments and teams.

In summary, the combination of the Meta Quest 3 and Meta Quest for Business ensures organisations can now scale their VR/MR headsets across their company in order to unlock new work solutions and empower new ways of working. How companies use this technology exactly, is still open to interpretation.

Enablo Future of Work

Enablo: Future of Work blueprint

Unlock new possibilities with XR

Visit Meta’s website to learn more about the new Meta Quest for Business and Meta Quest 3 hardware and software combo, or visit our Future of Work solutions page if you want help unlocking new possibilities for collaboration, productivity, and learning with XR and Enablo.


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