Workplace Email-less Activation by Enablo

Workplace Email-less Activation by Enablo

One of the biggest benefits that organisations who adopt Workplace by Facebook get to realise is the massive reduction on email inbox clutter and noise. I have yet to meet one person who does not complain about the volume of email they receive in their Work inbox.

However, there are also many workers in the world who do not have to deal with email overload as they do not have an email account with their employer today due to the nature of their work (manufacturing, retail, transport + logistics workers all spring to mind).

This causes an issue however for organisations who have a large number of these workers and who are looking to deploy Workplace, as an email address is required in order to set up a Workplace account.

In order to address this requirement, the team at Enablo have worked closely with our friends at Facebook to build the Workplace Email-less Employee Account Activation by Enablo tool for organisations with email-less workers. This tool allows an organisation to create a Workplace account for an employee who does not have a corporate email address and allow them to walk through the process of verifying their identity and claiming their Workplace account.

A quick overview of the tool in action is provided in the below video:

In addition to allowing users to claim their Workplace account, the tool also allows users to reset their password in the event of a forgotten password and provide admins with basic stats in regards to the status of claims in the Workplace instance.

If you are interested in learning more about our Email-Less User Claim Tool, please get in touch!