Workplace by Facebook Hits 2 Million Active Users

At Enablo, we sometimes get asked why we put all our eggs in the one basket and built an organization solely around Workplace by Facebook. With the announcement of 2 million paid users per month in just over two years, the question answers itself.

Workplace connects everyone in an organization – from the CEO to the newest recruit, using familiar Facebook features like chat, video calling, posts, and groups. These provide a simple and secure way for people to share knowledge, work together and build connected, meaningful communities.

Having worked with Workplace on success stories like National Australia Bank (NAB), Bunnings, Country Road, Vodafone, and over 70 more, we understand the winning formula to its success.

“It’s been a privilege working with Workplace over the last two years. We have worked hard to make Australia & New Zealand (ANZ) the #2 region globally, turning companies into communities.”

Daragh McGrath, CEO of Enablo - A Workplace by Facebook partner.

Workplace and Enablo Customers

Enablo has teamed up with Workplace to take on the ANZ market, attributing to almost 200,000 active users per month. The popular ‘Enablo Blueprint’ provides customers with the added benefits of an expert team assisting with the implementation and ongoing support of Workplace, including the use of ‘bots’ that provide customized functionality and additional community support.

“Workplace are in the market to make a real difference. Initiatives like ‘Workplace for Good’ assisting non-profits and education, while supporting local communities.”

Dave Nixon, Co-Founder and Head of Experience, Enablo.

So what’s next for Workplace by Facebook? You’ll have to wait and see, but what we do know is we’ll be working together every step of the way.

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Check out Workplace by Facebook’s ‘Timeline to 2m’ with information on customer onboarding, integrations with solutions like Salesforce, and more!

About Enablo: At Enablo, we are constantly exploring ways to apply modern digital solutions to drive essential breakthroughs in organizational culture and business value. We believe that the future of work requires networking, mobility, and collaboration. This is why we have partnered with Workplace by Facebook. Workplace is a familiar, business ready communications and collaboration platform powered by Facebook. Create your future workplace, today.