With 40k Users Launched in 3 Months, Workplace Partner, Enablo, Expands to the US

If you type “What are Australian’s known for?” in Google, search results will likely return with “Laid back, but also hard-working”, “Friendly”, and “they have a unique sense of humor”. Aside from the ‘unique’ sense of humor, Australian’s put their customers first, and that’s exactly what Enablo does.

A signature Blueprint experience, bespoke tech solutions and a passion for bringing people together has led Australian company Enablo to make a significant mark in the US this quarter, transforming corporate culture for big business with communication and collaboration platform Workplace by Facebook.

Enablo is an Australian startup and exclusive Workplace partner that aims to change the way organizations work. After seeing incredible success in Australia & New Zealand over the past 2.5 years, Enablo has officially launched in the US, with offices in Denver and Atlanta. In just three months, Enablo has launched over 40,000 Workplace users in the US.

“We’ve seen amazing success with our customers around the world. All of our customers are seeing upwards of 85% adoption of the platform (Workplace) from the head office right through to the frontline,” says Daragh McGrath, CEO, Enablo. 

So, what can US organizations expect to see from Enablo?

 “We want to transform companies into communities, that’s our passion… we want to take our learnings and our success in the Australia & New Zealand market, to customers in the US who may have no means of connecting with the frontline workforce or using smart technology to communicate and collaborate in their organizations,” says Daragh.

Enablo’s success transforming companies into communities, couldn’t be accomplished without the support and partnership with Workplace. With Enablo being amongst the very first companies to partner with Workplace, the ability to grow, learn and understand what the customer needs, has continued to be a joint effort. 

“Enablo has a deep understanding of Workplace, and are perfect partners for companies looking to connect employees, make teamwork faster and create a stronger culture,” said Julien Codorniou, Vice President, Workplace. “We’re thrilled that Enablo are going to expand to the US following the company’s success in APAC. They have helped us launch some of our largest customers, ensuring these organizations are set up for success and see impact from the first day they deploy Workplace, and are excited for them to do the same in the US.”

Enablo are known for their Blueprint sprint (a customized roadmap for Workplace customers to launch successfully on the platform) and bespoke solutions that uniquely solve complex organizational-wide problems.

It’s an exciting time for Enablo and US organizations looking to implement Workplace. Enablo are looking forward to sharing their knowledge and experience on the Workplace platform… and maybe a Vegemite sandwich or two!

Trevor Morrison
Head of Marketing

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