Workplace for Communications

Workplace makes Comms teams more successful by boosting engagement with strategic communications, making leaders more visible, and amplifying company culture.

Why Workplace for Comms?

Executive Visibility

Employees want more open and visible leaders. 83% of customers agree that Workplace enables more leadership communication, while 68% say it allows more transparency on executive decisions.

Employee Engagement

91% of customers agree that Workplace helps create more engaging communications, transforming people’s ability to start conversations and work together.

Company Culture

Bring your culture to life on Workplace by creating community and celebrating the people who make up your company.

Be a person, not a title

Go Live every week

Senior leaders can use Live video to share updates from their desk, or broadcast Q&As that were previously limited to people in the room. Videos are automatically posted to a Group, so anyone who misses it can catch up later.

Streamline leadership communications

Move leadership teams from WhatsApp and email distribution groups to Workplace Chat to create a central hub for all team and one-to-one conversations, including simple video calling.

team working
office table

Enhance your

everyday comms

Create a home for company resources

Use Knowledge Library to create, store and share static content like HR policies or working from home advice on desktop or mobile, so all your company information is accessible and discoverable.

Give everyone a voice

Encourage employee feedback through specific Groups, or surveys in Workplace Chat. Use Polls to ask people what they want their leaders to talk about in the weekly Q&A.


that connect people

Celebrate culture carriers

Create a company-wide Group to share and celebrate cultural initiatives, from charity fundraising to volunteer opportunities. Call out individuals for recognition.

Support diversity and inclusion

Groups are a great way to connect people who share the same identity. They can help raise awareness, promote resources, start conversations and educate people across your organization.

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“Workplace has fully transformed [our communications]. We have over 92% of people who have claimed their account and 85% of those are active on Workplace on a monthly basis.

“Depending on the type of content, we can have up to 100% total views for that content too. We’re actually reaching our people for the first time ever.” 

– Luke Evans, Leader Employee Experience, Virgin Australia Group.