2023 VR Learning Adoption Guide E-Book

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2023 VR Learning Adoption Guide E-Book

You have probably been hearing a lot lately about the Metaverse and Web 3.0. You may have noticed that it is starting to infiltrate not just our personal lives, but also our work lives.

One of the key use cases for the Metaverse in the business world is through training and workforce development – also known as VR learning. Immersive learning and VR learning have become popular learning solutions, and for good reason – The benefits and use cases they provide companies across industries are vast. But how do you know VR learning is for you?

This E-book will provide a framework for understanding VR training and will provide a roadmap for adopting it at your organisation.

Read this E-book to:

  • understand the fundamentals of immersive learning and VR training
  • assess current workforce dynamics and talent practices at your organisation
  • identify immersive learning use cases
  • determine how you will approach VR learning content and VR hardware?
  • determine how you will measure success
  • create an immersive learning program implementation plan


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2023 VR Learning Adoption Guide E-Book