Tess Forster

Client Partner Specialist Tess has a degree in Psychology and a Masters in Human Resource Management, majoring in Organisational Psychology. While finishing her Masters, she started working with businesses to help them implement software from an employee perspective and has never looked back.

What is your nickname? Tess Bear

What were you doing before Enablo? Working at a PM software tool that focused on project management from a human perspective. I worked in an end-to-end role looking after Customer Success from onboarding to off-boarding, focusing on retention.

What’s your vision of employee experience for the future? Where employees, regardless of their role or location, feel connected and heard through innovative technology. And where technology doesn’t take away from the human connection we all require to feel part of an organization’s culture but supports it and makes it possible.

What excites you most about Enablo? To be part of a team filled with talented and inspiring people, all working towards a vision I believe in. Coming from the Gold Coast, I know what it is like not to find work in your hometown and have to move to find it. Tools like Workplace make it possible to live close to your friends and family without compromising your job or your connection to the people you work with.

What’s the one thing you couldn’t live without? My pets, especially my cat! I always thought I was a dog person, but my cat makes me laugh every day. She is like a real-life cartoon character, always doing things to make me laugh and lighten my day.

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