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Bringing employees on board

Enablo and Workplace from Meta

Officeworks is a leading Australian retailer specializing in stationery, furniture, tech, student, and office supplies with 168 stores and over 9000 team members across Australia. With such a distributed team, they needed a better, more consistent way to directly reach their ‘unreachable’ people and keep everyone informed, connected, and engaged.

This was especially important throughout 2020 and the COVID-19 pandemic, which continues to impact store-based team members today. With only a few hundred team members actively using their existing enterprise communication tool and other traditional channels like email only reaching around 20% of the organization, Officeworks turned to Enablo, a leader in digital employee experience, for help.

Workplace Results

Working together from adoption to kick-off

Having successfully launched Workplace from Meta in a number of similar frontline organizations with an average 80% adoption rate, Officeworks felt confident that Enablo was the technology partner and Workplace the technology platform to propel them forward. In February 2021, the Enablo team conducted their Blueprint Sprint, a series of workshops spread over two days, to help Officeworks prepare their business case and gain approval for launch.

Shortly after that, the official project kicked off. And over the last eight weeks, the Enablo project team worked together closely with the Officeworks communications team and the rest of the Officeworks project team to hero the existing culture and energy in the rollout of Workplace.

Launching to leaders

At the recent Officeworks Leadership Forum event in May, 100 of Officeworks’ Senior Leaders from across the country got their ‘first taste’ of Workplace from Meta. They quickly discovered the platform’s power, including the ability to live stream. In the two weeks since the internal launch event, the leadership team has embraced the platform and its ability to help communicate and collaborate, which is already buzzing with hype and activity!

Since the leadership launch, Sarah Hunter, Managing Director at Officeworks, and other leadership team members went live from their new store opening in Warana, Queensland, to showcase the store, share the opening ceremony, and conduct real-time interviews with store members who made it all happen!

“Prior to Workplace, we were only able to reach about 20% of our team members directly. We relied on one-way channels to distribute key information to our team. Our team has told us they want more of an opportunity for two-way conversation and for everyone to be included, and we want places where our team can share ideas and recognize and celebrate each other and their achievements in real-time. This has become even more important in the last year. It is so exciting that finally, no matter what your role is or where you are located, we can communicate and connect!”.

Sarah Hunter, Managing Director, Officeworks

3, 2, 1 lift off!

Officeworks officially launched Workplace to every team member – creating a space for everyone from support offices, customer fulfillment centres (CFC), customer service centres, and stores – to connect, share and collaborate. It’s a place for all team members to participate in conversations and continue to build the Officeworks culture they know and love. Today, all team members will be able to tune in to the Annual ‘Year Beginning’ Meeting exclusively on Workplace. Whether at support offices, CFCs or stores, or at home, team members will be able to use Live video and groups to engage with speakers and give their ideas, comments, and feedback – all in real-time!

“It’s really exciting to be able to bring our Annual Conference to life using a tool like Workplace. For the first time ever, all team members have the opportunity to attend in real time or watch back later, no matter where they are located.” – Alex Staley, General Manager Corporate Affairs at Officeworks

“We are thrilled to be working alongside Officeworks to launch and embed Workplace from Meta across their stores and team members. The employee-first culture and energy of the Officeworks leadership team make Workplace the perfect communication tool for their organization, and this is already reflected in their uptake since launch. The familiarity of the platform, as well as its accessibility on mobile lead to high adoption and usage rates in organizations with a large frontline and distributed team like Officeworks.”

Daragh McGrath, CEO, Enablo

How Enablo can help your organization

Whether your people are serving customers, out on the road, collaborating in an office, or juggling kids while working from home, we want them to do their best work, together. Through our partnerships with Workplace from Meta and Google Workspace, we work alongside our customers to launch and embed the tools, then measure and drive their ongoing success. A founding partner of Workplace from Meta, we’ve helped hundreds of organizations transform their culture and the way they work with Workplace.

Contact us today to begin your Workplace journey. Whether you’re already on the platform, or you’re looking to transition yourself over; our services span all stages of your journey.