Crowdsourcing pizza perfection at Dominos with Workplace

by Harriet Muir
Published on September 1, 2021

Ever wondered where those new menu items at crowd favourite Dominos come from – like the Sausage Sizzle Pizza, or the infamous Tik Tok Watermelon Pizza? The innovation may well have been crowdsourced from their their employees, on Workplace! 

In an interview in The Australian, Domino’s Australian and New Zealand Chief Executive Nick Knight says:

“Even showing and sharing videos of what they’re making in stores and what they’d like to see make their way onto the menu,” Mr Knight said.

“We have thousands of budding pizza experts out there in the field who are really eager to share their creations.”

@dominosauY’all keep asking us for a low carb option ????????Nah fr when we saw @elburritomonster make a watermelon pizza, we HAD to give it a go.♬ original sound – Domino’s Australia

Thanks to their innovative menu and the increase in demand for food delivery during the pandemic, Dominos has been opening stores left right and centre with more to come across Australia and New Zealand in the next 12 months. 

Read about Domino’s growth journey and how they’re using Workplace to crowdsource innovation in The Australian here. 

And, for more on the subject, Tracy Llewellyn, Dominos’ Head of Comms for ANZ, chatted about how Community can drive business value in a Roundtable at Workplace Transform ANZ – access that here.

Tracy Llewellyn Dominos

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