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From kick-off to launch in 5 business days

The enablo virtual deployment focuses on connecting your community and preparing your key leaders to deliver business critical communications.




Frame yourself and share your personal style by adding a profile frame to your Workplace from Facebook profile photo instantly via Work Chat.

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Workplace from Facebook. It's all we do. Everyday.

We've launched:

130 + companies


400,000 users

with an

85% avg. adoption rate

We're a team of experts and creators across:

Employee experience


Software development

Coates Hire

“The Enablo team worked with us as a trusted partner. They were part of our communications team and I was able to rest easy at night knowing the detailed planning had been done... it was a great success!”

TUH Health Fund

The implementation was well considered and by leveraging the expertise of Enablo, we were able to have a smooth and successful launch of Workplace that engaged our people and received strong endorsement from our Executive.

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a solution for every need... no really.

enablo Blueprint Sprint

The Enablo Blueprint makes organizational change effortless. From planning to adoption, we're with you every step of the way to ensure your Workplace launch and experience is as seamless as possible.

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Workplace launch

Ready to launch Workplace from Facebook? Let the partner experts in the field help you. We've helped over 120 companies and over 400,000 users successfully launch on Workplace. Our launch packages support all organization sizes, and include:

  • Project management and fundamentals
  • Technical readiness
  • Community readiness
  • Communications and engagement
  • Early access and onboarding
  • Adoption and success
  • Experience and solutions
Essential Virtual
Business Virtual
Launch Enterprise
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Workplace success

Continue to succeed on Workplace with our success offerings. We handle your tools, support, strategy, and Workplace experience. Did we mention you also have access to a variety of our Workplace bots and our exclusive Workplace community for free?

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Need a bot or customization to cure an organizational frustration?

View our suite of tools, bots, and more!

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Read about the latest industry trends, Workplace features, highlights, and more!

It's no joke: humour in the workplace

We spoke to Mike Kerr, President of Humour at Work, to record this podcast before COVID-19 but, how we can use humour at work to build culture and resilience is more relevant than ever.

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Video collaboration just got better than ever

Feature drop...and it's a good one! We are so excited about the new Workplace features that will make video collaboration better than ever. Find out how in this blog post.

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Supporting positive mental health and wellbeing through technology

We chat with Margaret Aboody, registered psychologist and GM of Luemo Workplace Wellbeing, about how technology can support mental health and wellbeing in the workplace, particularly in a crisis.

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What is...

Updates from across your organization

Just like your Facebook News Feed, but about work. View updates from people and projects you care about in a scrolling stream of posts.

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More than just messaging

Our instant messaging feature lets you chat 1-to-1 or in groups, reaching anyone in your organization with text, pictures, voice and video

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Video conferencing made easy

Make HD video calls at the touch of a button from Workplace Chat. Connect and screen share with up to 50 people wherever they are in the world.

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