Workplace for Human Resources

Workplace makes HR teams more successful by helping them attract, train and keep the best talent. And 82% of customers say it makes their culture stronger.

Why Workplace for HR?


Get new starters up to speed in record time with easy ways to find information, ask questions and work together.


Using Workplace as your centralized learning hub can deliver an 18% increase in training efficiency thanks to mobile-first tools that can be accessed anywhere.


Happy employees are 12% more productive. Workplace helps you build a culture of celebration, with simple ways to share thanks and recognition for hard work.

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Get people up to speed

Create a destination for new employees

Add new joiners to their own Group so they can make connections, share resources and feel like part of the community from day one.

Make information discoverable

Don’t leave new starters at the mercy of a static intranet. Upload important information like company policies to your Knowledge Library, then share links in your Group so it’s easy to find, share and comment on.

Help people reach their potential

Make learning more delightful

Workplace has a dedicated section to create and share snack-sized content like how-to videos or best practice guides that are perfect for people on-the-go.

Take training out of the classroom

Dedicated classroom training is costly and time-consuming. With Live video, anybody can record a session and share it on Workplace for people to follow along or access later.

Learning on Workplace

Create a culture of celebration

Send thanks

Workplace makes it easy to recognize great work through likes and reactions on public posts. Or you can use the Thanks button on a colleague’s profile page to send them a message while notifying their manager.

Badges say it best

Workplace admins can award special badges for things like exceeding a sales target or delivering exceptional customer service. You’ll also trigger badges by hitting certain milestones like being a great contributor. All of them will show up on people’s profile pages.

“Workplace from Facebook amplifies our strong culture in spades and brings to life the energy and passion in our stores.”

– Sarah Davis, Digital Workplace Manager, Super Retail Group