Workplace EX HR Handbook

Are you focused on engagement or experience?

In the aftermath of the disruption created by COVID-19, millions of people are anxiously awaiting a return to normal. Except at work. Who wants to return to “normal” when 58% of employees are unsatisfied with their day-to-day job?

Forget about normal. There’s now an urgent expectation for something new. This means going beyond employee engagement and transforming the employee experience (EX). But while 84% of CHROs agree EX is a priority, only 9% have a plan. We’ll help you bridge the gap.

Download the Workplace EX HR handbook to discover:

  1. 1. A new framework to pinpoint the EX moments that matter
  2. 2. Five factors to help you prioritise touchpoints
  3. 3. The challenges and opportunities of giving people a voice
  4. 4. How to take action