Making Work Better

Change the way you work. Connect your whole organisation with familiar tools, helping everyone in your business turn ideas into actions.


Break the email chain with instant messaging and crystal clear video calls for 1:1 or group conversations across desktop and mobile.


Workplace is already the place for teams to connect and collaborate. Now get even more productive wit integrations


Groups are private spaces to discuss projects, manage information, share documents and work together.


Workplace connects to the apps you already use, so you can get all your work done in one simple to use place.

What is a Blueprint?

Not sure how to start your workplace journey? Find out how Enablo can launch your organisation toward its future workplace, today!

Connect Your Team - Wherever They May Be

Communicate Seamlessly in Your Flexible Workplace

Getting your team in the same room is next to impossible. Workplace enables seamless communication and knowledge sharing from the top down, and scales with your organisation.

  • Share vital information using News Feed to break down siloed communication

  • Receive feedback in real-time using likes, comments, and reactions

  • Provide access to team members in relevant groups automatically

  • Use Live Video to provide a genuine and immediate sharing experience

Engage Your Employees

Build an Organisation With Culture

Great organisations spend time focussing on their people. Workplace promotes the ability for employees to be open, diverse, and provide feedback when needed to drive engagement and positive cultural change.

Run polls, share Live Videos, webinars, and articles for more efficient training and feedback on company issues.

Use Workplace Chat bots to automate payroll, onboarding processes and employee benefits. Connect new team members (and existing) using Multi-Company Groups.


Organisations around the world are successfully using Workplace to connect more people and get more done. Here are just a few of their inspiring stories...

The Hoyts Group

"Workplace has helped remove the barriers in communication, allowing for a two-way flow that we have historically not had visibility to..."

Bunnings Warehouse

"With Workplace, the ease of use and the ease of communication actually started new connections that didn't exist before..."

Australian Catholic University

"Workplace helped us deliver a huge turnaround in employee sentiment within the first four months..."

Success Stories
It Only Gets Better

As Your Communication Grows, So Does Your Software

Finding the right collaboration software that scales with your organisation is difficult. Most tools become harder to use the bigger your organisation becomes. Workplace brings real-time urgency with instant messaging for more palatable discussion in groups.

  • Use Workplace Chat for real-time responses

  • Leverage project groups for considered conversations

  • As your organisation learns, so does Workplace; with machine learning

Feel Safe and Sound

Secure From the Ground Up

Your connection to Workplace is protected with similar encryption technology that banks use to keep financial data safe from harm. With the combination of comprehensive threat intelligence and specialised tools to prevent and detect unauthorised data access.


SOX, PCI and FTC, technical security reviews, third-party risk assessments, and product security evaluations ensure that appropriate controls are operating effectively to mitigate identified risks.


Workplace is proud to be ISO 27001 and ISO 27018 certified. Hosting practices are regularly audited by independent third-party auditors with an industry standard SOC3 report.