Workplace for Frontline

What is a Frontline user?

Frontline users are one of two Workplace user categories

Frontline employees are people whose primary role is to work directly with customers or the general public by providing services, support or selling products, or employees directly involved in the manufacturing and distribution of products.

In order to qualify for a frontline plan on Workplace, an employee must fall into 1 or more of these buckets:

a. Employee is deskless 50% of the time or more;

b. Employee is paid hourly; or

c. Employee doesn’t have an email address.


team working
team working

The employee must ALSO match one of these role descriptions:

a. Customer-facing worker (sales floor, receptionist, associate, etc) at any level including management;

b. Backstage worker (warehouse, courier, etc) at any level including management.

 c. Utilities or public service worker (police officer, waste management officer, electrical line repair person, water department officer) at any level including management.

d. Medical care staff (nursing, doctor, facilities) at any level including management.

Anyone who is not a Frontline employee is a Desk-based employee.


Workplace is helping connect frontline organizations

Find out more about how companies like NAB, Virgin Australia and Super Retail Group are connecting their frontline with Workplace.