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Enablo Tech Blog

Workplace WebHooks

It's been way too long between posts, so I thought I would quickly share this one. I'm always spinning up new projects that utilise Workplace's WebHooks, yet I've never made it easy on myself, so I created a quick node module that bootstraps the process. All you have to do is specify the integrations App Secret, Access Token and WebHook Verify token, create your HTTPS server, and that's about it. After you register the events in Workplace, you just listen to the events in your app and do something with the data from Workplace. It's helped me get up and running quicker; hopefully, you might find it useful too.

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Enablo Radio (Spotify)

So a few weeks ago at F8; Facebook announced that bots are now available in Workplace. Facebook Messenger bots aren't something new, but with Workplace you now have access to Group bots. These bots listen to what is happening in a Group within Workplace and can interact just like any user in the group. After the announcement, I needed to find an idea to test this out, and for the last few years with the people I have worked with, there has always been the desire to have a community for the music we love. So Workplace + Spotify + Bots = Enablo Radio, our music community!

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