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Multi-brand retail group hits 99% engagement on Workplace

Established in the 1970s, Super Retail Group (SRG) has since grown to become one of Australasia’s largest retailers, housing iconic brands including Supercheap Auto, rebel, BCF and Macpac. Specializing in auto, sport, and outdoor leisure products, SRG extends to over 690 retail stores and has a diverse workforce of more than 12,000 team members across Australia, New Zealand and China.

Building on BCF’s success

Before launching Workplace, SRG and its four brands had limited access to channels that enabled teams to communicate within and across brands. As the overarching team responsible for leadership and strategic direction, SRG communicated primarily through conference calls and generic store-based email addresses, which made collecting two-way feedback and opening the lines of communication incredibly difficult. There was no central place for all brands to come together.

Given the success that one of the SRG brands, BCF, had on Workplace already, the decision to roll out Workplace was easy.

Since August 2018, BCF has witnessed the tangible benefits of better connection and communication across its Australia-wide store network. With a 98 percent adoption rate, the BCF team has successfully celebrated their many ‘BCFing Experts’, showcased their passion and product knowledge, and improved learning and development in real-time. Their leaders are now more transparent, visible and ‘human’ than ever before and they connect daily with store members through Live video, posts, photos and comments. BCF has also seen a significant improvement in the standard of their in-store visual merchandising with their in-store team members proudly sharing images of their displays on Workplace.

The challenge for SRG was to replicate BCF’s success on Workplace with their three other brands – Supercheap Auto, Macpac and rebel. This would be the first-ever collective space for the SRG brands to connect.

SRG needed a tool that was:

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Incredibly simple and quick to deploy

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Able to provide the required privacy for each of the brands, whilst giving the SRG team valuable insight into each brand

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Accessible without a corporate email address

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Mobile-first for frontline team members

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Able to amplify culture and build a sense of connection between all the brands

Planning for a rapid launch

SRG had already made the decision to launch Workplace but, when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, their need to connect directly with frontline team members became urgent.

“We had unique requirements with each brand needing their own private community, as well as the ability to share across brands and post SRG-wide updates. We also had many frontline team members without a corporate email address or a desktop computer.

“Enablo came up with a solution that met these needs, including a mobile claims process for frontline teams. They were able to get us to launch in just over two weeks – an incredibly short time frame. They worked really hard to make the launch successful across each brand by carefully mapping out the unique user experience of each one,” says Sarah Davis, Digital Workplace Manager, SRG.

“Enablo came up with a solution that met [our unique] needs, including a mobile claims process for frontline teams. They were able to get us to launch in just over two weeks – an incredibly short time frame.”

Sarah Davis
Digital Workplace Manager, SRG.

Seeing early success

Within four weeks of SRG’s launch, 95 percent of team members had claimed their account, with 99 percent continuing to be active on a monthly basis.

Workplace has also given SRG support office team members much-needed insight into the brands ‘day-to-day’, giving them more visibility over their challenges and triumphs and an understanding of how they can better support frontline teams serving our customers.

“As a support office team member, it provides a real connection to the frontline teams and is also an invaluable source of intelligence on what is happening across our entire network,” says Alan Dixon, Head of Market Intelligence and Competitor Insights.

Kate Carini, GM of Stakeholder Relations says that she’s very excited leaders across all their brands have a new platform to connect with their peers and communities, share news, stories, and problem solve – at speed – by having instant two-way conversations.

“The ability for our teams to deliver important information quickly was particularly important during the recent COVID-19 pandemic, especially when sharing social-distancing best practices and store-based requirements in real-time,” Kate says.

Glenn Macgregor, GM of Retail Operations, Supercheap Auto says that Workplace has changed the way they lead, communicate, and connect with their entire ANZ Supercheap Auto store network of more than 300+ stores.

“Providing our store management team with an intuitive digital platform that they can access at any time and anywhere via their mobile has enabled us to share news faster, learn about what’s happening in stores, gain valuable feedback and encourage two-way dialogue.

“It brings to life the incredible work our people on the frontline are delivering every day across our business. Plus it’s a great platform to share each other’s passions and get to know each other better.”

– Glenn Macgregor
GM of Retail Operations, Supercheap Auto

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