Introducing the Enablo Blueprint

Imagine if your organisation could work fluently and collaborate effortlessly? That's the outcome of a Blueprint.

The Enablo Blueprint makes organisational change effortless. From planning to adoption, we're with you every step of the way to ensure your Workplace launch and experience is as seamless as possible. If you're ready to explore how a Blueprint can work for your organisation, fill out your details in the form provided and one of our Enablo Consultants will be in contact shortly.


Identify how your organisation currently operates, understand pain points and complexities.


Your personalised Blueprint pack containing detailed project planning from beginning to end.


Clearly define value propositions and aspirational workplace practice. Agree on launch strategy.


Ongoing support and assistance with user adoption, networking, and technical innovations.


Who Should Be Involved in a Blueprint?

A typical Blueprint sprint (a set period of time in which tasks are to be completed) takes 1 to 2 weeks. This includes planning /pre-work, sessions and workshops, project write-up, and revision of any deliverables. Participants involved usually include:

  • Leadership - C-suite or Executive team members, Marketing & Communications, People/Human Resources, Operations, and any IT or digital teams

  • Sponsors and stewards - Key members tasked with implementing or driving Workplace adoption and success going forward

  • Tech gurus - Your tech stack enthusiasts and digital wizards

The Readiness Indicator

How Do You Know You're Ready for a Blueprint?

Sometimes it's hard to identify whether you're ready to take on an organisational change. Are you already working fluently and at maximum efficiency? Do you know your team members are happy in how they connect and collaborate? Here are several readiness indicators to help you decide.


Are you ready to agree on organisational values?


Have you identified key influencers to help champion a successful launch and ongoing drive?


Are your team members prepared and willing to seek change?


When it's time to take action, will you be ready to begin deployment and measure success?

Blueprint Pack

What Does a Blueprint Pack Contain?

Your Blueprint pack will contain:

  • Value proposition - for Workplace at your organisation

  • Audience analysis - where Workplace will deliver value in the immediate, short and long term

  • Workplace Groups - respective permissions, owner access and content creation

  • Strategy - launch strategy and tactics

  • Communication - key communications and stakeholder management needs

  • Project plan - your detailed project plan outlining where-to-next from initial launch