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Our services

Our services span over three key areas. Click one and go for a ride!

Get ready

Seriously considering Workplace from Facebook and want confirmation your organization is ready!


It's GO time! We'll be there with you as you launch Workplace from Facebook organization wide.

Future proof

Keep your organization active and engaged with a suite of services and solutions.

Get ready!

Executive showcase

A tailored executive briefing session that showcases the value proposition for Workplace in your company and expedites the case for change.

Blueprint sprint

A series of sessions that piece together the why, who, what, how and when for Workplace giving you clarity and confidence to move forward.

  • Value proposition for Workplace
  • Audience analysis
  • Workplace groups
  • Launch strategy and tactics
  • Communication needs
  • Detailed project plan


We're here to empower and supplement your project team where you need us. We've launched Workplace more than 130 times. We have packages for:

Health check

A series of sessions to analyze your Workplace performance and how best to move forward - what to continue, stop, reconsider and experiment.


‍For organizations up to 500:

🦵 Kickoff workshop
🤝 1 project meeting per week
🎊 Launch day support
🥇 Champion & exec onboarding
💻 Technical configuration support
👨 Groups creation support
📑 Communications assets, templates & samples formatted for email and social guidelines
💯 Tips from Enablo (videos/tutorials)

For organizations with 500 - 3000 employees. Everything in essential, plus:

🤝 3x project meetings per week
📈 Technical readiness workshop
🎊 Launch communications strategy
🥇 Champion check-in sessions
💼 Leadership onboarding materials
💻 Advanced feature configuration
📑 Governance & moderation approach
💯 Custom onboarding video

For organizations with 3000+ employees. Everything in business, plus:

🤝 Maximal meeting availability
💻 Enhance technical configurations
🎊Onsite launch day support
📈 Workshops per workstream
🎊 Post-launch comms. strategy
💼 Customised onboarding & training
📑 Customised communications assets
💯 Employee experience workshop

Future proof

The best work happens when Workplace is central to your employee experience and used by your people every day. With both our free partnership and premium partnership programs you’ll be appointed a dedicated Workplace Coach who will bring in the services and support you need to achieve an effortless employee experience.


More for free

Buy Workplace through Enablo, or switch your reseller agreement to us, and receive support and services at no additional cost.

Premium partnership

Sign up for our premium partnership program to receive premium support and services as well as credits towards Enablo tools and consulting services. 

Use your credits towards our future proof services:

Innovation sprint

So, you’ve launched Workplace, awesome! The next step is using the platform to deliver the ultimate employee experience. Wondering where to start? Kick off with Enablo’s innovation sprint, a 1-2 week process that includes planning, pre-work, the sessions, the write-up, review and any revisions of deliverables.

Who should be involved in an innovation sprint?

Typical sprint participants may include:

- Frontline members and managers
- Business operations / efficiency / improvement members
- People / culture / experience leaders
- Business and technology owners of Workplace
- Process owners and subject matter experts

How do you know you're ready for an innovation sprint?

Here are some readiness indicators to help you decide if the time is right to take on an innovation sprint. Are you ready to:

- Understand what the ultimate employee experience on Workplace could look like?
- Ideate, refine and prioritize a set of challenges to be solved on Workplace?
- Map out the user experiences of your top challenges to be solved on Workplace (with process owners)?
- Map out technology build and integration requirements where required?

What does an Innovation Sprint pack contain?

1) A weighted scorecard ranking all innovation ideas
2) A roadmap to implement your top three experiences on Workplace
3) For each of your top three experiences: High quality mockups of 1-2 components, user stories, workflow and integration requirements, cost vs benefit analysis,
4) Appendix of all innovation ideas sorted by priority/weighting.

Employee Experience Design

Either from the outcomes of your innovation sprint, or as a direct request from you, we will help you to design and implement effortless employee experiences by putting Workplace at their centre. Pack contain high-quality mock ups of the entire experience, user stories, workflow and integration requirements, cost vs benefit analysis, delivery approach.

What types of employee experiences are we talking about?

An employee experience is anything your employees experience, observe or feel while working in your organisation. Examples include:

- Recognition programs
- New employee onboarding
- Engagement surveys and pulse checks
- Performance reviews and interviews
- Leadership roadshows
- Learning and development
- Wellness programs
- Shift management Corporate Social Responsibility/Giving
- HR self service

How do you know you're ready to design your employee experience?

Here are some readiness indicators to help you decide if the time is right to take on an Employee Experience Design. Are you ready to:

Rethink the specific experience to understand what it could look like on Workplace?
Involve a variety of stakeholders and subject matter experts to help in the process?
Map out technology build and integration requirements where required?

User Experience Index

Our User Experience Index is a measure of how embedded Workplace is in an organisation, a health check to see how Workplace is going. It’s perfect for companies who have been using Workplace for a while and want to make sure it’s being used to its full potential. 

How do we measure user experience?
What will be the outcome of the user experience index?

You’ll be provided with a report that will detail:

- What’s going well with Workplace in your organization
- Areas where Workplace user experience could be improved
- Opportunities and recommendations to further embed Workplace

Campaign strategy and execution

Let our team of employee experience, Workplace and communications experts help you to design your campaign with Workplace at its heart. With the ability to reach everyone across your organisation quickly and easily, you’ll achieve higher levels of engagement and better campaign outcomes. 

What types of campaigns are we talking about?

Any campaigns or projects are great on Workplace! For example:

- Building moves
- Diversity and inclusion
- Health and Safety
- Organizational change e.g. restructures
- Sales campaigns

What will enablo deliver?

Detailed strategy and tactical plan for executing your campaign on Workplace

- Cost vs benefit analysis of delivering your campaign on Workplace
- If you’d like us to, we can roll up our sleeves and deliver the campaign on Workplace on your behalf
- Regular performance data throughout the campaign and recommended actions

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