By giving everyone a voice and the tools to use it, Workplace changes the game when it comes to your internal communications strategy. Mapping out a plan for this before you launch Workplace will keep your people fully informed and highly engaged.

The Enablo team is in a unique position to help – with many of us coming from Workplace Community Management, Internal Comms and Employee Experience roles in other organizations, not to mention using Workplace day-in-day out at Enablo. We know what success on Workplace looks like, and we’ve got you!

What is #FutureComms Workshop?

We’ll look at your existing communications landscape, how external and internal drivers are changing your employees’ expectations and how other businesses in your industry are tackling these. From this, we’ll create your future communications strategy.

Who should be involved?

Comms and HR leaders, Workplace Community Manager/s and champions.

What are the outcomes?

  • Communication – key communications and stakeholder management needs
  • Content plan – your detailed content plan including key communication campaigns for the future

Ready to get started, or keen to learn more, get in touch!