Are you an Enterprise with more than 3000 people, you’re in the right place. We’ve launched Workplace more than 130 times, so this is our jam! We’re here to empower and supplement your project team where you need us.

What is it?

Our #EssentialLaunch, delivered virtually, will take your team through our tried-and-tested methodology to successfully launch Workplace. On average, the process takes ten weeks, but we can also offer a rapid deployment in as little as five days if required. Here’s what the Enablo team will provide:

Deliverables across seven key workstreams:

  1. Project Management and Reporting
  2. Technical Readiness
  3. Community Readiness
  4. Communications and Engagement
  5. Early Adopters and Onboarding
  6. Adoption and Success
  7. Experiences and Solutions

Who should be involved?

For day-to-day launch activities, it’ll be your core project team – Communications and HR, Workplace Community Managers and champions and your IT support.

What are the outcomes?

A successful Workplace launch!

Ready to get started, or keen to learn more, get in touch!