The ROI of Work Management Global Report

Work Management – what is it and why do you need it?

From the CEO to new hires, everyone wants to be part of an effective organization.

Research suggests that the adoption of collaborative technologies has accelerated by 5 years already in 2020. Yet the growing speed of digital transformation adds both new complexity and opportunity in keeping teams organized and connected.

In unprecedented times, how can organizations use technology to achieve continuity and clarity, whether on day-to-day tasks, teamwork, or the company mission?

We believe that a new category of tools, Work Management Platforms, can address this gap. Work Management Platforms—which empower teams to orchestrate their workflows—help everyone to do their best work and enable businesses to flourish today and tomorrow.

This report explores what Work Management Platforms do, and why organizations need them, their impact on effective work and talent retention, and ultimately answers the question of whether or not they provide a meaningful return on investment.


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The ROI of Work Management Global Report