Email-Less Account Claims

Want Workplace, But Can't Claim Accounts?

Have a large workforce without company email and want to deploy Workplace by Facebook? We feel your pain, listened and created a simple solution to unlock Workplace for you and your company.

Easy to Configure

For admins our goal was to build a solution that was as simple as possible to get up and running. Configure Workplace, upload your questions/challenges, select your fields and you're up and running.

Easy to Use

For the end users we make the process as frictionless as possible. Answer a couple of configurable security questions and they are now on Workplace.


Security is front of mind with multiple configurable security quesitons and optional Multi-Factor Authentication/one time password.

The Workplace Email-less Activation by Enablo allows employees of an organisation who do not have a corporate email account to create a Workplace by Facebook account without the need to provide an email address (as is ordinarily required).Ideal for companies such as retailers or manufacturers who are seeking to deploy Workplace by Facebook and who have a large field based work-force who do not have a company email account. Today, you have no way of signing these users up for Workplace. Our tool addresses this gap and allows your team to sign up for Workplace.

Key Features

Emaill-Less Activation

Currently Workplace doesn't allow account activation/claims without active email, with our solution its now possible to activate those accounts.

Bulk Provisioning

Get up and running quickly. Export your secret questions and answers out to CSV and load in one click into our application.

Password Resets

Password Resets are also another limitation for accounts without email, don't worry this solutions covers that as well.


Understand what is happening during the claim process. Know which accounts can be activated, have been activated and if there are any issues for users during the process.

Desktop & Mobile

The Workplace claim/activation process is fully responsive, so there should be no issues getting your mobile workforce onboarded.

One Time Passwords/Multi-Factor Authentication

For additional security we also have One Time Password/Multi-Factor Authentication via SMS available.

Hosting Options

On-prem, Private Cloud or Public Cloud, we've got you covered.

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