Peter Math

As Sales Director, Peter’s here to help build a world-class sales team in the US. 

What is your nickname? My Friends calls me Pete or Petey Swag 

What were you doing before Enablo? Senior Sales Manager for a Pharmacy Software company called FDS

What’s your vision of employee experience for the future? Communications and bringing people together is a massive challenge for many organizations, and it’s something businesses have struggled with long before these challenging times. I believe we can get to a place where everyone feels included as part of a community at work.

What excites you most about Enablo? The opportunity for expansion in the US and the part I get to play in supporting that growth as we move to the next chapter. 

How do you continue to grow and develop as a leader? I’m blessed to have had a great network of mentors and inspired leaders who have helped me develop throughout the past 20+ years of my career. Day-to-day, I place accountability on myself to motivate my team, bring positive energy, and take on feedback –  good or bad. 

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