Noah Voth

Noah is our Cloud SecOps Engineer and Technical Support Specialist at Enablo, which means he looks after both the technical support for our customers as well as the Enablo’s team’s technical requests and makes sure all support is streamlined.  He also guides and addresses Enablo’s Security and Security Posture within the Cloud. 

His technical skills include Cloud Security, ISO 27001, “Physical” and Network Pentesting, Project Management, IT Support and IT Customer Support Analysis, IT / Network Administration, Active Directory and Linux. Noah has a background in Cybersecurity/Operational Security and Information Securities as well as Criminal Justice Studies.

What’ s your nickname? Nova Noah

What were you doing before Enablo? IT Customer Analysis / Operational and Information Security for Engineering / Military 

What’s your vision of employee experience for the future? For me in my role, it’s about providing my best expertise so that, as an Enablo team, we have the support to provide exceptional results to our customers.

What excites you most about Enablo? Getting to work with the best in the business and providing exceptional experiences and results. It is also so exciting to transform and be part of the customer experiences.

What’s the one thing you couldn’t live without?  The Gym and Internet – Must have internet. As a person who strives to improve every day, information is key as well as being able to take care of ones self.

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