Mark Wyman

One of our three Co-founder’s, Mark’s an innovative engineer with extensive experience across the tech industry working for the likes of PwC, Cloud Sherpas, and more.

What’s your nickname? Why

What were you doing before Enablo? At PwC getting to solve a number of exciting problems in the Innovation and Disruption team primarily using Google technologies.

What is the thing you’re proudest of at Enablo? Enabling some of the most amazing customers and brands with an equally amazing team that supports them! 

What’s your vision of Employee Experience for the future? Given the change to SaaS, employee experience technology is more fragmented than ever before. With Enablo’s services and add-on apps, we are excited to make  Workplace a true platform beyond comms that allows us to tie every piece of an employees experience together to make it seamless while providing insights back to the organisation so that they can continue to improve their employees experience, especially now with the change to remote working.

How do you continue to grow and develop as a leader? By making a whole lot of mistakes. Leadership is hard and not something that comes naturally. I like building things, having tangible outcomes, leadership is different. But having people around me vested in seeing me become a better leader, being open to constructive criticism and being able to take ownership and learn from your mistakes is a good roadmap for becoming a successful leader, I think.

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