Lee Taylor

Lee is one of Enablo’s software engineers. With a passion for coding and automation, Lee works with the rest of the engineering team to help bring our customers’ employee experience dreams from paper to reality.

What’s your nickname? “Dregs” because of how much I enjoy the last bit of coffee from a filter coffee pot.

What were you doing before Enablo? Working for a payment processor on a drop-in checkout solution. Real-time payments and integration with many different systems presented many challenges and learning opportunities.

What’s your vision of Employee Experience for the future? I am passionate about employee engagement, workplace flexibility and embracing neurodiversity in the workplace. Asymmetric communication methods and harnessing multiple communication styles are really essential to that. My vision is to see them become normalised, and we’re well on the way!

What excites you most about Enablo? I’m excited we practice what we preach and “eat our own dog food” as they say. What better place to work on improving workplace communication and engagement than our own!

What’s one thing you couldn’t live without? The discussion forum Hacker News. It’s more than just tech chat! So much deep, respectful engagement on a variety of topics.

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