Jay Tweedie

Jay Tweedie

Originally hailing from New Zealand and majoring in Visual Communications, Jay has worked in print, web, branding and strategy for over 20 years in both Australia and New Zealand.
Jay has fallen in love with the lifestyle of Tropical North Queensland and passionate about all things design – with a healthy obsession with magazines, interior and graphic design.

What is your nickname? Jay! My real name is Jonathan, but I have 5 close friends with the same name, so one night when the wine was flowing we all drew nicknames out of a hat and Jay stuck.

What were you doing before Enablo? Working as a senior Graphic Designer in the Agency space, with a team of talented media professionals specialising in B2B marketing strategy and delivery.

What’s your vision of employee experience for the future? A connected relationship with company culture and alignment of values, empowering employees to create their best work at all times. A collaborative approach to the business goals with transparent communication and the tools available to offer flexibility and work/life balance for maximum engagement.

What excites you most about Enablo? The Enablo team and culture – all living/breathing the tools and solutions we provide our clients and a true testament the value they provide organisations.

What’s the one thing you couldn’t live without? The sea. Whether chilling in the sun at the beach, or diving the Great Barrier Reef. It always manages to deliver experiences that help with life perspective.

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