Bella da Silva Daitx

Bella is a Customer Success Manager, passionate about enabling customers to achieve successful outcomes through technology. She brings a wealth of experience to the team after many years of supporting customers in the software space. She’ll oversee our Customer Success program and our support channels. Bella is based in the windy city of Wellington, New Zealand. She has a love for martial arts and sports in general, spending most of her spare time training Capoeira and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.


What’s your nickname? B or Little B

What were you doing before Enablo? Prior to Enablo, I was working for Fronde as a Procurement and Customer Success Specialist. I primarily looked after Google Customers across Google Workspace, Chrome, Google Cloud Services and Maps, with a side of Google Training for our customers.

What’s your vision of Employee Experience for the future? Feeling valued, accepted for who you are and being connected to your team. All while working remotely. Given I’m the only Enabler in New Zealand, this is especially important to me. At Enablo we have great technology at our fingertips and really inclusive culture so I have felt connected from day one.

What excites you most about Enablo? The People! From day one, I felt like part of the Whanau and felt the positivity and passion for what we do and deliver to our customers.

What’s your all-time favorite app? At the moment, Google Translate – we have a multilingual household. My daughter is fluent in Maori and Hubby is Brazilian, so he speaks Portuguese, therefore, we are quite often trying to translate words or sentences. Often our sentences are a mix of Maori, Portuguese, and English.

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