Andrew Knott

Andrew’s led marketing and customer transformation for some of the biggest brands, across multiple categories worldwide. He’s customer-obsessed (it’s what you want in a Chief Customer Officer, right?) and believes that an organization’s success is built from the foundation of a highly-engaged world-class team.

What is your nickname? Andrew. (I’ve lived overseas too long. Only Aussies seem to want to give everyone a nickname).

What were you doing before Enablo? I was running Verizon for the Publicis Groupe based in New York. Great team, exciting times (launch of 5G). A few challenges along the way (this little thing called Covid and the merger of T-Mobile & Sprint). But most importantly, we delivered fantastic results! I would have loved a better way to engage my team, though…

What’s your vision of employee experience for the future? One where there is much greater alignment between the objectives of the organization and the goals of individual employees. The opportunity to create meaningful work, facilitated by transparent communication built on a foundation of engagement and trust. Employee commitment will directly correlate to overall business performance and will be focused on as a way to create a distinct competitive advantage.

What excites you most about Enablo? To make a genuine and positive difference to the companies we partner with. To see the change in the way their employees engage. To observe the impact it has on their financial performance. And to play a role in building this fantastic company called Enablo that will help make it all happen!

What’s the most important trait you look for when hiring employees? Curiosity. Constantly wanting to learn and grow. In working out if there is a better way to do things that will deliver greater impact. In attempting to understand consumers in whatever form, what motivates them, and the opportunities that presents as a result. In life, by being open to possibilities and the potential that arises from those – especially by working at Enablo!

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